Friday, March 7, 2014

The Demise Of Free Speech, Tolerance + Diversity On Many American Colleges + Universities

Educational Puppet Pelted With Crayons...The Onion

  • Last week, many of the professors and students at Rutgers University were livid that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was invited to address this year's graduates. They based their intolerant assertion on Condi Rice's tenure as Secretary of State during the Bush administration. As of this writing, she remains on the schedule. 
  • Consider this. She was the first female African-American to hold that post. Prior to serving in the Bush administration, she was Provost at Stanford for six years. She's also an accomplished pianist.  Her family has roots in the American South going back prior to the Civil War. As an 8 year old in segregated Birmingham, Alabama, she was friends with the three children who were killed in the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church on a Sunday morning in 1963. That's an abridged version of the life of the woman that some Rutgers' students and professors want to bar from speaking at their commencement. 
  • Unfortunately, this is one of many examples of the intolerance today on many of our college and university campuses toward conservative and Christian speakers. 
  • David Horowitz, a former Marxist (self-identified) and now a conservative activist, actually needs body guards any time he speaks at some university campuses. In fact, many conservatives speakers now require bodyguards.
  • Ann Coulter was attacked by two students at the University of Arizona while giving a speech in 2004. The two creeps threw pies at her. When later questioned by policy, the two nitwits said they were throwing the pies at her ideas not at her.
  • More recently, former NYPD Commissioner, Ray Kelly, was invited to speak at Brown. Protesters wouldn't allow him to speak.

  • At Harvard,  the editorial writer for the campus newspaper, Crimson, actually called for getting rid of academic freedom and replacing it with "academic justice." Anytime you hear a progressive speak about justice, run for the hills. Sandra Korn, the editor, wrote: "If our university community opposes racism, sexism and heterosexism, why should we put up with research that counters our goals simply in the name of 'academic freedom?'"
  • The incidents of conservatives and Christians targeted by progressive universities is almost immeasurable. In fact, conservatives are rarely invited to speak at most major university commencements.
  • American colleges and universities were once thought to be bastions of free speech, tolerance and diversity. It's just the opposite. Tolerance of genuine diversity on the nation's campuses is now conspicuous by its absence.
Postscript: Since this was posted,  in addition to the above, anti-semitism is running rampant on many college campuses. In addition, of all people, the bastion of free speech---Berkeley---wants to ban Bill Maher from speaking at their graduation. He's recently been scorching Islamist.