Friday, February 8, 2013

Benghazi Senate Panel: Stonewalling Continues And Questions Still Unanswered; Double-Talk On Benghazi; Obama's Poll Numbers Collapse; Black Senators Make History

American Citizens Split On DOJ Memo Authorizing Government To Kill Them...The Onion

  • After watching some of the testimony at the Senate hearing into the Benghazi disaster, it's clear many questions still remain. For example, no one---not even Defense Secretary Leon Panetta---came close to answer who was truly responsible. In addition, we still don't know who knew and when did they know? In fact, when Panetta was asked point-blank who was in charge, Panetta said no one in particular and added, "It's not that simple." Not that simple? Folks, they had 5 months to figure this out. In short, he was stonewalling and covering up for the administration plain and simple
  • But Panetta may have also highlighted another serious problem. When critics asked why we didn't send, at a minimum, air cover, he said "it was clear it would take up to 20 hours to get them there." We have an AFB in Aviano, Italy. Distance from Italy to Libya is about 1100 miles and shorter to Benghazi. If we couldn't get air cover to our guys in Benghazi from Italy in less than 20 hours then we have some real problems.
  • In summary, we've been getting a lot of double-talk and 4 heroic Americans are dead.
  • Do you need more evidence? John Brennan, nominee for the CIA and a spook for 3 decades, said this when asked about enhanced interrogation techniques: "I do not know what the truth is." You gotta be kidding me (us). The political class really does think we're stupid (well, about half the country is).
  • Quinnipiac Polling reported today that Pres. Obama's numbers are tanking. As recently as several weeks ago, he was in the mid-50's on many polls. Now, his job approval rating, according to QP, is 46%. And guess who polls higher? Hillary Clinton.
  • Considering it's now clear she was an utter failure as Sect. of State, it shows the country has lost its mind.
  • More evidence we're lost our minds: Former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards, who served 8 years for his role in a riverboat casino licensing scandal, will be getting a reality show on A+E. USA Today

  • For the first time in American history, the Senate has two African-Americans serving.  Sen Tim Scott, R, of S.C. and Sen. William Cowan, D. Mass., who took the seat of that fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud John Kerry. Unfortunately for the nation, Kerry is now Sect. of State.