Monday, February 11, 2013

Dorner Becomes Hero To Many On The Left Just Like Mumia, Che, Castro, Stalin And Other Murdering Lefty Thugs; ObamaCare Surprises For Many; More Americans Feel Threatened By Government; Pres. Obama To Exploit Gun Victims

"All 32 NFL Teams Eagerly Lining Up For Chance To Sign Randy Moss, Reports Randy Moss." The Onion

  • Christopher Dorner, the former LA cop who is now on the run from the police for allegedly murdering several people and threatening other police officers, has become a hero to many on the Left. But that news should surprise no one. This is the same crowd who hail Mumia as a hero (Mumia shot and killed Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Faulkner in Philadelphia in 1981 and was convicted of the crime). This is  also the same crowd who proclaim Stalin, Che, Castro, Hugo Chavez and many other Lefty thugs as heroes.

  • Many who supported ObamaCare are now surprised at the consequences of law (also called "The Affordable Care Act"). The law is anything but "affordable." We now know insurance will be a lot less affordable for many (last week the IRS reported it will cost many Americans $20,000 a year for a family of five). We now know fewer people will be insured. And we now know many who have insurance from their employers will lose it. Finally, as reported on this blog for years, there will be a shortage of physicians. In fact, the LA Times is reporting today that California lacks the number of doctors to meet ObamaCare demands. Besty McCaughey author of "Beating ObamaCare."
  • According to Pew Polling, in 2001, 30% of Americans felt threatened by the government. Today? It's 53% of Americans.
  • The state with the highest job creation in the nation is North Dakota. Why?---the fracking boom. NY Post

  • ObamaLegacy: According to HelloWallet, 25% of Americans raided their 401(K) plans because of the state of the economy.  These people, even at the cost of some severe penalties, felt they had no other choice.
  • There was one good outcome from Panetta's testimony re: Benghazi. We now know that both Hillary and Pres. Obama did not answer the 3 a.m. phone call. In fact, the commander in chief was AWOL. And the very next day, Obama decided to go to Vegas for a fundraiser as Tyrone Woods, one of the heroic Americans who died that day, was laying dead draped over the machine gun he had been firing at the insurgents (he and the other heroes killed over 100 insurgents). As Michael Goodwin wrote recently, if he {Obama} was a military officer he would face charges. If he were George Bush, he would face ridicule and condemnation, at the least.
  • Be ready for the Obama administration to exploit gun victims. USA Today is reporting the House chambers will be packed with gun victims for tomorrow's State of the Union speech.