Tuesday, February 12, 2013

State Of Dis-Union: What To Expect?; Two Heroes Honored Yesterday: Chris Kyle + Sgt. Clinton Romesha; What To Call An Ex-Pope?; Gun Violence Among Black Youth

"Pope Gives God 2 Weeks' Notice." Headline, NY Post

  • So what to expect from the State of the Union tonight? Several things we do know. The president is unlikely to spend much time talking about the pathetic unemployment numbers (If he does, he'll blame Republicans. And, who knows, maybe even Bush yet again). He probably won't mention that his policies have pushed poverty levels to record highs (Today it's being reported that almost 12000 more people go on food stamps each day). He's unlikely to tell America that ObamaCare will make insurance much less affordable and millions of people will lose their health insurance as reported by the IRS last week. He most likely will not mention Benghazi considering his own Defense Secretary testified last week that the president was AWOL (Panetta said Obama checked in with his staff early during the attack but then checked out and traveling to Vegas the very next day for another fundraiser).
  • So what will he cover tonight? It's clear he'll focus on immigration. It's also very likely he'll talk about gun control considering he's going to pack the House with victims of gun violence (reported by USA Today). He might also mention he'll take more executive actions on gay rights, environmental issues (meaning yet more regulations that stifle economic growth) and housing (The Atlantic). And he will probably talk about the debt as it relates to sequestration (By the way, it was Bob Woodward who outed Obama in his last book reporting sequestration was actually the president's idea in the first place).
  • ABC News is reporting today that one of the heroes who stopped the Ft. Hood shooter and was subsequently invited to the State of Union speech was betrayed by the Obama. Kim Munley said the president broke his promise to help the victims.
  • Several weeks ago, I wrote about the Obama administration + Hillary Clinton stonewalling on Benghazi. Today, Rich Lowry wrote: "The Obama White House is to be congratulated. It has executed one of the most effective stonewalls in recent memory over the Benghazi attack..."

  • Thanks must be extended to the State of Texas. Yesterday they held a memorial for Chris Kyle, the former sniper killed last week.

  • And former Sgt. Clinton Romesha was awarded the Medal of Honor. We wrote about both heroes at Dedicated to Heroes. You can access their stories at: http://dedicatedtoheroes.blogspot.com/
  • "I shot him, two times in the forehead. Bap! Bap! The second time as he was going down...He crumpled onto the floor in front of his bed, and I hit him again. Bap! Same place." From the SEAL Team 6 member who killed Osama. NY Post
  • Tweet from Martha: "My prediction: The next Pope will be an old Catholic man."
  • Considering this is the first Pope to resign in 600 years, the challenge for the Catholic Church leaders now: what do you call a former Pope? They appear to be leaning toward: "Emeritus Bishop Of Rome."
  • Regarding the Sen. Menendez scandal, Thomas Sowell wrote: "And when it comes to a prostitute's word against a politician's word, that's too close to call."
  • USA Today, via DeWayne Wickham's column (with whom I rarely agree): More blacks under the age of 22 were killed in 2011 than U.S. troops in Afghanistan--1668 to 469. He added: Since 1979, 13 times more black children were killed than the number of blacks lynched from 1882 to 1968. In Chicago alone, 270 children were killed since 2007.