Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The State of Dis-Union: Fact Checking The Fantasy; Rubio Auditioning; Immigration Not Only About Politics But Also About Demographics

Tweet from Razor: Rubio drinking water. Obama treading water. MSM carrying water. Americans: Underwater.

  • As I listened to some of the State of the Union last night, it was clear Pres. Obama was not telling the truth on many issues. Even the Washington Post's fact-checkers had a field day. They also pointed out he was not correct when he spoke about creating 6 million new jobs pointing out there are over 3 million less jobs than existed in 2007. He also said we're using less foreign oil. We are but the use of foreign oil started 2 years before he took office. In addition, because of his economic policies and unemployment, Americans are simply purchasing less oil. They can't afford the high oil prices.  He said, during his administration, 500,000 manufacturing jobs have been created. But there are 600,000 fewer manufacturing jobs since he took office. Of course, as he harps about the damage sequestration can do, we now know---it was his idea in the first place.  Even Panetta said the automatic cuts in defense will render the U.S. a "second-rate power." There were more, but you get the picture. Bottom line: the speech was a fantasy.
  • Oh, one more item. Once again, as he promised before, he said what he was proposing last night would not increase the deficit by a single dime. We've had four straight years of deficits exceeding $1 trillion.
  • Of course, as posted here yesterday, he said nothing or very little about the record poverty rates, unemployment rates, record rates of people on food stamps, etc.
  • But he did say, as predicted her yesterday, if he has to publish more executive orders---especially with regard to the environment---he will. In other words, he proudly proclaimed he will circumvent Congress. And the Republicans will stand aside like they always do. The fact is we're in this mess because of both parties.

  • Make no mistake. Rubio's response to the State of the Union had more to do with his auditioning for 2016 than for responding to the speech. With a few stumbles, he did well in my opinion.
  • Retail sales came in low this quarter. Most economists blame it on the higher payroll tax deductions.

  • Those who want to pursue amnesty for illegal immigration have a new ally, and, mark my words, they will lean on it. America's birth rate is the lowest since 1920. Today, the U.S. fertility rate is below the 2.1 "replacement level" or the number of children needed to be born to keep the population stable.  In 1970, there were 22.2 Americans age 65 and older for every 100 working-age adults. Today, it's almost 25 per 100.  And if you need to see what impact low fertility rates have on nations, just look at what's happening in Europe today.  Italy has a fertility rate of 1.4. Japan's is also 1.4%. The consequences of these low fertility rates is that there are less people paying taxes, less people buying homes, etc. What does all this mean in addition to the negative impact on the economy? The illegal immigration activists will say we need more people to come into the country to make up for loss in birth rates. Univ. of Southern California
  • As N. Korea set off a nuke this week, Pres. Obama, in 2008, promised to "eliminate" N. Korea's nukes. And Foreign Policy magazine reports that the Obama administration is light on N. Korea foreign policy experts.
  • Pres. Obama did not mention Chris Kyle's name this week nor did he refer to this genuine American hero in last night's address to the nation. A disgrace.