Thursday, February 14, 2013

Missouri Democrats Introduce A Bill To Confiscate Firearms; Sequestration Is Self-Inflicted; They Rather Be In Texas

The Pope resigned. I hope it's not steroids...Leno

  • Well, you knew there would eventually be some knuckleheads out there who would introduce legislation to confiscate firearms. Missouri Democrats introduced a bill to do just that. And legal gun owners would have 90 days to do so. In effect, legal gun owners would be turned into criminals if they do not turn their guns in. There's no mention if they are demanding same of criminals with illegal guns.

  • For the next 2 weeks, we're going to hear a lot about "sequestration." But here's the truth. The jam Congress and Pres. Obama find themselves in with sequestration is self-inflicted. You know that can they like kicking down the road? Well, there's no road left.  Congress, in the fiscal cliff deal, raised taxes on the wealthy and included a deal to delay the cuts by two months to buy time for another alternative (kicking the can down the road yet again). So if nothing is done, $85B in cuts will be triggered.  Republicans want spending cuts after $620B in new revenue was achieved in the fiscal cliff deal. Democrats want a combination of revenue and cuts to replace the sequester. These cuts will affect everything with the exception of Medicare and Social Security. For example, the Army will lay off 250,000 civilian employees. Speaker Boehner reiterated the House will not act until the Democrat-controlled Senate passes a plan. In the past, Republicans submitted two plans but those bills died in the Senate. Can you say Harry "The Prick" Reid? USA Today/NY Post/Global Security/Miami Herald
  • "Does anyone think that Iran and N. Korea would be threatening as they are if Ronald Reagan was president?" Thomas Sowell
  • In 2008, we were sold the false claim that Obama's election would have the Muslim world love us (like many of us cared). Anyway, Gallup is reporting today that 92% of Pakistanis polled don't like the United States (again, who gives a sh!t).

  • Several weeks ago, Gov. Perry invited California companies to move into the Great State of Texas. Texas has an attractiveness for many businesses---lower taxes. Well, The Statesmen is now reporting Golden State companies are responding and responding at a high level of interest. What did Davy Crockett once say? "You can all go to hell. I'm going to Texas."