Friday, February 15, 2013

Let's Be Frank: The Presstitute Media Is Replete with Jagoffs; Liberals Are Nipping At The Edges Of The 2nd Amendment; Some Defense Cuts Are Needed; Russians Ignoring J.F. Kerry; Feminist Hypocrisy

"Legally, Mr. Pistorius, You Don't Have A Leg To Stand On." Cartoon Pistorius with his attorney

  • The media always seems to reinforce their low favorability ratings with the public. This week MSNBC and others took Rubio to task for simply taking a sip of water during his response to the president's State of the Union speech. In fact, MSNBC replayed Rubio taking that sip of water 155 times in one day. That network and others have not spent that many hours on the Benghazi or Fast And Furious scandals. These slugs remind me of how they reported the Tea Party in 2010. It was Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow who referred to Tea Party folks as "tea baggers." They giggled like a bunchy of 8 year olds giggling at a classmate who just farted in class.
  • In fact, the presstitutes don't even realize that going overboard like this makes them the butt of jokes. In fact, it's getting to the point it's hard to tell the difference between "journalists" and late night comedians.
  • Yet, not one time did any of these aholes mention that Rubio was the first Hispanic American to respond to a State of the Union speech. Rather, CNN's Wolf Blitzer questioned whether Rubio's taking a drink of water was a "career ender."
  • The media spends days on Rubio as they continue to drink their Kool Aid in their love affair with Pres. Obama.
  • Yesterday it was reported that Democrats in Missouri are proposing legislation to confiscate all guns. Today it's being reported that Democrats in WI are planning to ban ammunition for hunting purposes. In addition to restricting guns in NY state, they are now planning to have gun owners carry liability insurance. These are but a few examples of the liberals nipping the edges of the Second Amendment.

  • While there are many concerns about defense cuts, some are needed. For example, the F-35, a fighter with a troublesome history, has an estimated life-cycle cost of $1.5T.  The F-22 requires over 60 hours of maintenance for every flight hour. It's another aircraft with so many problems it has not been sent on one combat mission. The fact is there is waste in the defense part of the budget that must be addressed.

  • Foreign Policy magazine (web site) is reporting that Russia's foreign minister has still not called the back-stabbing fraud, J.F.Kerry, back. Kerry contacted the Russian foreign minister over three days ago to introduce himself as the new Sect. of State. Even the Ruskies can't stand this prick.

  • Have you noticed what a bunch of hypocrites the feminists have been in the last 20 years? They kept quiet about the cheating of Ted Kennedy, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Weiner, Spitzer and so many others. Could it be that all the slugs above were (are) liberal democrats?

  • You wanna see a real feminist? Look up.
  • By 2050, the cost of care for those with Alzheimer's will be $1.1T. A projected increase of over 500%. So much for ObamaCare keeping health care costs down.  USA Today