Monday, February 18, 2013

Presstitute Media: You Doth Protest To Much About Obama's Lack of Transparency; Progressives Use Of Language On Immigration; The Fantasy Of Electric Cars

Bus Carrying Carnival Cruise Line Passengers Crashes Into Sewage Treatment Plant...The Onion

  • Unless you've heard the news already, many in the presstitute media are protesting the lack of access they have to Pres. Obama while he's on yet another vacation in Florida. My suggestion to the media: stop your whining. As I've written on many occasions: you presstitutes cover for him instead of covering him when you do have access. In fact, in March of 2011, when Pres. Obama received an award for "transparency," the press was not invited (CNN). And you're surprised? Get over it. You're not doing your jobs anyway. Most of you are a bunch of suck-ups, suckers and useful idiots.
  • Several weeks ago, I wrote a piece about the progressives use of language especially as sit relates to the issue of immigration. For example, instead of illegal immigrants, they refer to "undocumented immigrants." Well, we have another one. It's being reported that the White House is drawing up its own immigration plan. And how are they referring to a new visa classification? Try this one on for size if you can make sense of it: "Lawful Prospective Immigrant" visa. Say f#%king what?
  • Forget how poor the fed response was to Hurricane Sandy victims while most of the presstitutes neglected to report on it unlike they did with Katrina. Government insiders are now reporting the feds were even unable to meet the most basic needs of their own staff during and after the hurricane.  For example, government workers requested emergency-communications equipment but were turned down. FEMA centers lost all power and had to rely on using their own cell phones. NY Post

  • I trust Republicans know that Dems only need to gain 17 more seats in 2016 to regain control of the House. And if they do, guess who gets to put her big, fat ass back in the Speaker seat? Look up.
  • Make no mistake: the reason the presstitutes hammered Rubio last week over just taking a drink of water is simple: they fear all Latino, black and female conservatives. That's all it's about. And considering many Americans are stupid and can be fooled easily, you can understand why they use this tactic.

  • As the Obama administration keeps pouring billions into green technology and green cars (over $5B to the EV sector alone), Ford sold more of its pickups in six days in 2011 (almost 650,000) than Nissan sold Leafs ALL YEAR. Nissan received $1.4B in federal line of credit for the Leaf. Moreover, who is buying the EV's? The average income for those buying these vehicles is over $200K a year because the cars are so damn expensive even with all the subsidies. "Myths Of 'Green' Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future."
  • Fuel prices have increased--on average--over 50 cents in the last two months. In fact, prices have risen for 31 straight days.
  • The Louisville Courier-Journal is reporting the Louisville Zoo created an Apps for Apes that gives animals access to music, games, paintings, etc. No word if they created one for Slo Joe Biden.