Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why Gun Free Zones Are Mass Killing Fields; Leave It to The Government To Waste Taxpayer's Money While Going After Government Waste; If Alec Is Racist, Send Him To A Liberal "Re-Education Camp"

Vacationing Detective Just Going To Pretend Like He Didn't Even See The Dead Body In The Woods...The Onion

  • With the recent news that Adamn Lanza, the Newtown school shooter, was aiming to top the death toll of Norway's Anders Breivik (who gunned down 69 helpless teenagers in Norway in 2011), it's now clear that gun free zones are potential mass killing fields. (It's also been reported Lanza was obsessed with some video games where the more were killed, the higher score the player received). Reports of the Andorra  theatre mass murderer also pointed to the fact he chose a theatre that proclaimed itself a "gun free zone." The fact is these mass murderes are very calculating. They choose places where they know the population is unarmed. They know no one will be present to SHOOT BACK AT THEM. They know the audience are sitting ducks.
  • But the stupidy of the gun-control activists does not end at the edges of common sense. In NJ, a legislator plans on submitting legislation that will basically make most of the state a gun-free zone. Law abiding citizens and legal gun owners will not be permitted to own a gun within the area of a school, a public park, public housing (good luck Camden and Newark citizens), etc. Considering most of these gun-free zones extend about 1000 feet, the law will make almost every legal gun owner in NJ a criminal.
  • We all know that the government (on all levels) wastes billions of taxpayer's dollars. Leave it to the government to waste taxpayer's money while going after government waste. NYC recently decided to audit the waste in Medicaid. To investigate the fraud, the state spent $15.6M since 2006. They recovered $11M in waste. In other words, they spent $4M more than it recovered in misspent Medicaid funds. NY Post
  • If Alex Baldwin did make racist rants against a reporter, I have a suggestion. Do what liberals and progressives have done for decades---send Alec to a 're-education" camp.  But I'd counsel him to stay away from Dr. Drew's celebrity rehab camps. Reports have now surfaced that the CW singer who committed suicide, Mindy McCready, appeared on his show, "Celebrity Rehab." According to reports, that's the fifth person who appeared on his show who is now dead.

  • Did you know that the European Union is actually considering whether they should name Hezbollah a terrorist organization? Yet, we know Hezbollah was responsible for the bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983 where we lost about 240 Marines. They bombed the U.S. Embassy in Beirut in 1983 which killed 58 Americans and Lebanese. They also bombed the Israeli Embassy in Argentina in 1992, which killed 29 people. And they also bombed Khobar Towers military housing complex in Saudi Arabia, which killed 19 U.S. troops. And we wonder why the European Union is a mess?
  • At his State of the Union address, Pres. Obama said he wants to extend Pre-K programs. He said those program work. There's just one little problem. His own Dept. of Health and Human Services found that Head Start programs don't work in the long term. How long? Beyond the 3rd grade.