Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fawning Presstitute Media A National Disgrace; Another Democratic Controlled City In A finacial Emergency; ObamaCare's Broken Promises Continue; Debate Comm Admits Crawley Was A Mistake

Chris Brown's Agent Suggests Suicide Could Be A Great Career Move...The Onion

  • In the last week or more, I've written several pieces regarding the presstitute media. In my last piece a few days ago, I wrote they protested too much about their lack of access to the Obama administration considering they don't cover him; they cover for him (check out my Feb. 18, 2013 post). I now feel vindicated by none other than someone from the main stream media. Michael Goodwin of the NY Post wrote today in his appropriately entitled piece, "Obama's Obedient Lap Dog," (referring to the pressitutes): "For more than four yars, the fawning mainstream coverage of the president has been a national disgrace. The only standard was a double standard, and Obama accepted the adoration and demanding more..." Goodwin goes on to point out recent examples as I did in my earlier pieces.  For example, he also wrote, "Instead of trying to find out where the president was during the Benghazi slaughter...they demand to know his golf score...When they aren't fed a piece of baloney that passes for news, they whine."

  • This news should really surprise no one. Detroit, a city controlled by Democrats for decades (go to Chicago, Philadelphia, Newark, Camden, Cleveland...too) is in deep financial straights. Detroit's underfunded liabilities and pensions now exceed---get the duct tape out---$14 billion. The fate of the city is now in the hands of the state's Governor,  Rick Snyder, a Republican. I lived just outside of Detroit about 30 years ago. My job took me into the city almost every week. Back then, there were blocks and blocks of rotting buildings and businesses. Very sad considering, at one time, it was a great town. Yahoo News

  • Perhaps that fruitcake, Nancy Pelosi and her other dummy cohorts, should have read ObamaCare before passing it. The law's broken promises continue. The nation was told repeatedly by the president and Democrats at the time: "You will not lose your present insurance. Costs will go down." Well we now know that was a bunch of crap.  Wall Street analysts are predicting that at least 25% of people who get their health insurance through their employer will quickly end up in the exchanges. And you can bet on this sure thing: they will be getting inferior health coverage. Mercer, a health benefits company, found that costs will rise 6.5%. Mercer also reported that 58% of companies surveyed will pass the additional cost to their employees. In addition, smaller businesses will be forced to eliminate health insurance all together due to increased costs associated with ObamaCare.
  • If sequestration does happen, the Army and Navy alone report they will furlough or layoff over 450,000 people nationwide. USA Today Remember, sequestration was Obama's plan---last year.
  • Remember the debate that CNN's Cindy Crawley moderated where it appeared she was helping out Pres. Obama? Well, I guess better late than never (not in this case). The Debate Commission admitted that using her was a "mistake." Breitbart News