Thursday, February 21, 2013

Obama's Brilliant Use Of Diversions + Distractions: Now Using 2ndAmendment; Sequester Cuts Nothing Compared To Obama's Failed Green Initiatives; Republicans Losing PR War

Over the weekend, Pres. Obama played golf with Tiger Woods. Tiger said Obama is a very good golfer for a guy who only plays golf five times a week...Leno

  • I've often written about the Obama administration's use of diversions. If you recall, during the campaign, he threw out all sorts of cultural-war type of diversions from class warfare to gender warfare. He (and his enablers in the presstitute media) are doing it again. This time with the Second Amendment. We currently still have an economy in the toilet (first time jobless claims jumped up again last week). Unemployment, even with billions pumped into huge black holes, is higher now than when Obama took office. And the can that's been kicked down the road is running out of road by next week. So what's the pressing problem facing America today? According to the administration, presstitutes and most Democrats, it's gun control. As Michael Walsh, a columnist for the NY Post, wrote so well today: "Obama + Co. still play irrelevant culture-war politics rather than deal with what really matters: getting the economy moving again."
  • In fact, USA Today is reporting that an Obama front group---Organizing for Action---is planning an all out ad blitz on the president's plans for gun control.
  • A USA Today/Pew Research poll found that 70% of Americans want the government to deal with the deficit. 46% want urgent action on guns and 51% want urgent action on immigration.
  • There is bad news for Republicans in that same poll. Just 22% of Americans, a near record low, consider themselves Republicans.
  • Even more bad news for Republicans in that same poll. Most Americans support the president's approach to guns, immigration, deficit reduction and climate change than they do to Republicans. Any wonder why we're in trouble?

  • While many are now focused on how the sequester cuts will harm the nation (very little),  few are reporting on the almost $100 billion of tax payer money wasted on green energy initiatives (The Inquisitr). The sequester cuts range from $87B to $92B. To give you some idea how little impact the sequester cuts will really have look at it this way. Imagine you boss told you last year that you would get a 10% raise but comes back this year and says you're only getting an 8% raise. You would still be getting a raise. But the government would say (as they are doing now), you got a 2% cut instead. That's how to look at the sequester.
  • By the way, everyone has heard of Solyndra failing. In reality there have been about 15 solar and energy companies that have failed after receiving billions in tax payer money. Divided States
  • The fact is this. The only thing that will solve our spending problem is entitlement reform that makes up over 60% of the budget.

  • Those opposed to the Keystone Pipeline demonstrated in D.C. earlier this week. Just wondering how they got to D.C. I suspect most got there by using vehicles, planes and buses. Hey, just a guess.
  • Last week, it was reported that Obama's buddies at Facebook paid no taxes on billions. Today, it's reported that LinkedIn also paid no federal taxes despite making over $160M in profits. Do you get the picture now OCW?