Friday, February 22, 2013

Putting Sequester In Perspective; John F. Kerry, The Nation's Leading Back-Stabbing Fraud, Going On "Listening Tour;" Emanuel Failing Big Time In Chicago; ObamaCare Continues To Hurt Americans; Danica: You Go Girl!

Rotting Smell In Congress Traced To Decaying Senator Who Died Inside Wall...The Onion

  • It's undeniable that the sequester cuts would have a negative impact on anything associated with defense. But when the president says that the cuts will let criminals loose on the streets, food inspections will be cut back and first responders will be unable to do their jobs, he's using his usual scare tactics. This administration relies on exploiting every crisis and emergency even though they've created most of them.
  • But let's put these sequester cuts in perspective. If the feds recovered the massive fraud in Medicaid and Medicare---up to $60-90B a year (ref:, ABC News, CBS, CNS) or the billions wasted in Obama's failed green initiatives, the cuts associated with sequester would have very little impact (even now, we're talking about a .2 cents cut in every dollar spent).
  • One more point: Obama helped built this sequester along with Congress.

  • Our new Secretary of State, John F. Kerry---America's fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud, is going on a listening tour to Europe and the Middle East. Keep this in mind. Kerry was on the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee for FIVE YEAR. Do you recall any significant diplomatic successes this prick had in those five years? I have a suggestion for Kerry. He should just wind-surf throughout Europe and the Middle East.
  • We predicted it right here: Rahm Emanuel, Obama's former trusted advisor, would fail as Mayor of Chicago. Didn't take long. Chicago media is reporting he's tanking big time. How bad? Only 2% of Chicago voters say they strongly approve of his job performance. Sewer rats get higher favorability ratings.
  • Wall Street Journal's Market Watch is reporting today that companies are dumping spouses from their insurance coverage. This comes on the heels of Gallup reporting fewer Americans get their insurance from their employers. All of this and more can be blamed directly on the consequences of ObamaCare.
  • Several days ago, I wrote about the presstitute media whining they're not getting enough access to Pres. Obama. Politico, in their piece entitled, "Obama, The Puppet Master," is also reporting the same. Of course, they are also whining.
  • LA Times is now reporting that thousands in downtown LA might have been exposed to deadly TB.
  • FBI reported that 40% of all mass killers targeted friends and relatives.

  • Danica Patrick, you go girl!!!