Monday, February 25, 2013

Sequestration And The Failure To Lead; Blooming Idiot Bloomberg's Nonsense; Some Actors Do Make Sense; ObamaCare Legacy: Physician Shortage Starting

Snowstorm In Chicago Delays Hundreds of Morning Murders...The Onion

  • If there is one lesson Americans can learn from this debate on sequestration budget cuts it's that the Obama administration and Congress (Republicans and Democrats alike) have disgraced themselves in their failure to lead the nation. Many Americans now know that the cuts sequestration involve are small in comparison to the overall budget. The administration is using scare tactics---looming catastrophes and worse---with an overall sequestration budget cut of less than 3%. Democrats are along for this ride on the "hysteria train." Republicans, on the other hand, also agreed to this nonsense last year.  How bad is the failure in leadership? Even the presstitute, state propaganda media agrees the administration is exaggerating the claims of their manufactured hysteria. Even Bob Woodward of the Washington Post and Watergate fame proclaimed Obama is lying. On Woodward's heels, even the state-run ABC presstitutes admitted Americans are growing tired of manufactured crisis by the White House.
  • But we've seen this many times before. This administration creates a crisis to exploit it. Unfortunately, considering there are so many stupid people in America, it's worked (as evidenced by the re-election of a president with a horrific track record in almost everything).

  • Most Americans know Bloomberg is well on his way to creating a nanny state in NY City. How bad is it? A city resident cannot even order a liter bottle of Coke with pizza delivery or get a pitcher of soda at a restaurant.  But perhaps most people don't know that--under Bloomberg---the City's budget has grown almost 56% above the rate of inflation.

  • With the Oscars behind us, it's good to know there are some actors who actually make sense. Chi McBride, the black actor in the new TV show "Golden Boy," said this recently: "I hope this show is a hit so I can get the hell out of LA. It's not even the United States. It's only a matter of time before it's against the law there to have wrinkles. You can get all the black tar heroin you want but you can't smoke."
  • And while I'm on the entertainment industry, why do the Obama's continue having Jay-Z along for the ride? This guy's material has bashed gays, women (referring to women as whores and bitches) and more.
  • As I've written on many occasions before, ObamaCare will result in a shortage of physicians. Today from the Tallahassee press is reporting that Florida will not have enough doctors for the planned expansion of Medicaid.