Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Logic, Reason, Data + Facts Show Obamacare Is A Deliberate Hoax

The White House now says the Obamacare website will be fixed by the end of November. So if your doctor has given you only three weeks to live, sorry pal...Leno

  • "White House Knew Millions Could Not Keep Their Health Insurance." That's not a headline from a conservative news site. That's a headline from MSN subsequent to a story NBC broke yesterday. In other words, as Obama and his administration were proclaiming no one would lose their health insurance and doctor, they were lying. In fact, NBC reported that buried deep in the Obamacare regulations of 2010 (regulations that Pelosi apparently neglect to read), it stated 40-67% would not be able to keep their policies largely due to the normal turnover in the insurance market. That means the administration knew that at least 40-67% of those in the individual market would not be able to keep their health plans.

  • So as most of us are fixated on the broken Obamacare web site, it's now clear the Obamacare marketplace is also a disaster. (By the way, the spin from the WH and surrogates yesterday via Twitter is that the insurance companies are to blame. In addition, David Axelrod, former senior advisor to Obama, said yesterday that Obama's promises meant "most" people will be able to keep their health plans. Pres. Obama never qualified any of his statements with "most.").
  • Data and facts can often make one feel miserable. With Obamacare, the misery and pain is now a reality. For example, Credit Suisse (as reported by American Enterprise Institute) completed a survey of 36 federally funded exchanges, including six state exchanges. It found the following: Aetna is offering health plans in only eight of the 42 states. In Florida, Aetna was only operating in half of Florida's regions.  Humana is only in 14 states. And even in those states, it's not in all regions. The final tally by Credit Suisse found that more than half of the country's 2,500 counties now have only one or two insurance companies offering health plans.
  • Moreover, adding to the misery, only 38% of non-profit hospitals in the country have signed on with any Obamacare plan. The NY Post is also reporting today that 44% of NY State physicians are not participating in ACA.  In fact, 77% of physicians reported they have yet to receive a fee schedule. And one physician pointed out that he's already seen denials of medication and denials of referrals.

  • So, using reason and logic and the marketplace, the outcomes we are now witnessing are inevitable. When you have less competition in the free-market system, you end up with higher costs. In this case, health plans have become more costly. And millions continue to lose their health insurance.
  • After reviewing the data and facts, one is inclined to ask the following question: Was Obamacare a hoax imposed on the American people? That's the question the presstitutes in the media should be asking today.