Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Long Casualty List Of The Obama Administration's Cluster F**ks + Some Deadly

Obama: 'Second Term Will Be Like Breaking Bad Times Homeland Plus The Sopranos'...The Onion

As I wrote several days ago, I believe Obamacare has exposes the lies and deceit of this administration better than anything else in the past. While I also believe much of what is occurring with Obamacare is deliberate (namely, the main goals is a single-payer health care system), it's also now undeniable we're observing an administration that is seriously corrupt, incompetent and dangerous. To reinforce my claims, allow me to list just a few of the most egregious scandals and cluster f**ks exposed in the last five years:

  • Obamacare. What more can be said that has not already been said?  But one of the major reasons Obamacare qualifies as a scandal is this: Americans were lied to over and over again by the president himself, his administration and his surrogates. As I mentioned above, their intent all along has been a single-payer health system. Don't take my word for it, Obama, Reid and others are on the record proclaiming their support for such a system.

  • Fast and Furious. This scandal was not only limited to our own government losing track of arms sent to drug lords in Mexico, but it also turned deadly. We lost at least one American Border Patrol Agent to this scandal, Brian Terry. In addition to the murder of Terry, Univision News (the Hispanic news agency) also reported that some of those guns were used in at least one massacre in Mexico where 16 young people were murdered attending a party. They exposed that story in their piece entitled, "The Untold Story Behind 'The Fast And Furious' Scandal).
  • Benghazi. I've written much about this scandal. Without being repetitious, all you need to know is we lost four Americans in Benghazi because of a wide-range of systemic problems prior to, during and after the attack on the consulate. That has already been well established.
  • The IRS Scandal that uncovered the IRS specifically targeting and harassing conservative groups including Tea Party organizations. Note: Since this was posted, now the IRS reported they've actually lost significant emails.
  • The Department of Justice tracking the movement of Fox News reporter James Rosen. Rosen's parents were even tracked. In addition, Associated Press (AP) reporters' phone records were collected. Also, during her investigation of Benghazi, CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson reported someone hacked into her computer--NSA?

  • The Generals Services Administration (GSA) scandal: It was revealed GSA spent almost a million dollars on one conference in Las Vegas in 2010. This was one of the few scandals when an administration employee---the GSA administrator---actually resigned.
  • The Green Initiatives scandal that included companies like Solyndra. In short, the government pumped billions of dollars of tax payer money into companies they knew would not be profitable.
  • The VA Backlog. While the Veteran Administration's has reduced their backlog of over 900,000 disability claims in the last several months, it remains a problem. Note: Since this was posted, more cluster f*cks have emerged regarding the VA.
  • The Government Shutdown. During the shutdown, we witnessed our own government spreading misery and pain to its citizens including its veterans. Recall, it was a Park Ranger himself who told the press during this period: "We were told to make life as difficult for people as we can." (Reported in Powerline + The Washington Times).
  • The NSA Scandal: Edward Snowden leaked documents showing the NSA, as part of its anti-terrorism program, collected the phone records of millions of Americans. In addition, he also leaked information on PRISM, a program that data mines the internet and social media sites. This past week it was revealed we tapped the phones of 35 world leaders (Quite frankly, I don't care about that. They are not protected by our Constitution. We are. Countries have been spying on each other for centuries. This is old news).
With three more years left with this administration, how many more cluster f**ks will we witness?

Oh, one more item:  With all of these scandals and more, only one administration official has either resigned or been fired.

Postscript:  Since this was posted, another major cluster f*ck: the release of the Taliban 5. And we've also learned the leader of ISIS was released by us in 2009. Gruber admitted Obamacare is one big lie. And Mr. Obama released his new immigration policy---subverting Congress. And Iran and Putin keep flipping Obama the bird. And to add insult to injury, the Obama administration is patting themselves on the back for making a deal with the devil---Iran, a global terrorist state.