Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Progressive Big Lie (Among Many): It Has Nothing To Do With Islam

Based on a lie. Media's eager to stroke mob violence in Ferguson,  but abject cowards over a cartoon...John Nolte Tweet

  • With the exception of a few in leadership and the media, how many times have we heard this big lie when it comes to Islamist terrorism: It has nothing to do with Islam. Even on the face of it, it's absurd. The enemy keeps proclaiming it has everything to do with Islam. For example, ISIS stands for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Allahu Akbar, an Islamic phrase meaning "God is the greatest" is often voiced by Islamist during their terror attacks. We heard this phrase shouted out for all to hear at Ft. Hood and Paris. Those are just two examples of many.
  • Yet, even our own administration purposely fails to admit the obvious. The consequences of this denial have been clear: The Islamist know it, and it emboldens them to carry out more attacks. They realize not only is their enemy spineless but it doesn't even have the guts to define who the enemy really is.  How ludicrous, stupid and illogical would it have been for the Allies during WWII to not have referred to the enemy as Nazis?
  • We've been so delusional in our approach to these Islamist threats and actions, even Michelle Obama and countless others actually thought a Twitter hashtag---#BringBackOurGirls---would have Boko Haram return the 200 or more girls it kidnapped. The fact is Boko Haram continued their rampage through Nigeria and never returned any of the girls (some escaped on their own). Boko Haram has even continued slaughtering thousands since that absurd hashtag was posted.
  • Until Europe and the U.S. leadership and media come to terms with describing exactly who are enemy is---an enemy at war with Western civilization---the delusion and political correctness will continue to leave dead innocents in its wake.
  • And our enemy will go on doing what they've been doing for decades in addition to declaring: "Hashtags? We don't care about your hashtags. We're not scared of your stinking hashtags." That's why a .50 caliber from a Barrett M82 would be more effective as many in our military already know.