Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Progressives---Like Michelle Obama---Want A Nation Of Knuckleheads To Exploit

Obama Admits Nation Has Not Been The Same Since Buddy Holly Died...The Onion

  • Last week, Michelle Obama referred to America's youth as "knuckleheads." While there is certainly some truth in that statement (let's be honest---reflect upon your own youth), it was a condescending remark. Consider the average age of our troops in combat today is about 26. Consider many of our best jobs in the high tech industry were founded by young people. America's young have accomplished some wonderful and amazing things in every generation.
  • Nevertheless, I wasn't surprised by her remark. The fact is progressives want a nation of knuckleheads. They are much easier to exploit. For example, in spite of Pres. Obama's horrific tenure as president, he was re-elected. Many of those who voted for him in 2008 and 2012 were young voters. In other words, Obama and the progressive political class were able to con an entire generation of young voters---some knuckleheads and many just plain misguided.
  • It therefore should surprise no one why progressives target our public school systems, especially in urban areas. It's in these schools where many knuckleheads flourish.  For example, even though billions have been spent on the New York Public School system, the system has 69 schools where the English Language Proficiency Arts rate is 5% or less. At 53 of the city's public schools, no---not one---African-American student passed the state's most recent math tests. At 48 schools, no---not one---Hispanic passed the test. In fact, the city has 105 schools currently operating where the math proficiency rate is 5% or less (New York Post today). Many of our nation's urban public schools exhibit similar data especially those schools in city's run by progressives.
  • So bear in mind, when these knuckleheads graduate, some vote. And most vote for progressive democrats. Even more disturbing, many of these same youth are unable to even find suitable jobs. For example, the unemployment rate for young, black youth in Chicago is over 90%.
  • The sad part of this national disgrace is the educational system is failing the students. Most of these very same students would perform better if only they had better opportunities. We know that because many public schools in the nation do a good job.
  • But the intent of the progressive political class---including the unions---is to keep many students stupid. A rotten status quo in these failing systems ensures future voters for the exploiters. 
  • Last July I wrote a piece entitled: "Are We Raising A Nation of Knuckleheads?" At the time, I also pointed out we have a generation of young people raised on vapid TV shows like the "Jersey Shore." These same young people have also been witness to the behavior and antics  of celebrity nitwits like Anthony Weiner, Al Sharpton, Sean Penn, Molly Cyrus, and Alec Baldwin among many others.

  • In a letter to the NY Post recently, one observer wrote of the new NYC Mayor: "I am amazed that New Yorkers are upset over de Blasio's recent behavior...You elected a Fidel Castro, not an Abraham Lincoln. Now you have to live with it."
  • Unfortunately, too many stupid and misguided Americans voted for Pres. Obama. Now we have to live with it.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel unveiled a defense budget that will reduce our military to pre-WWII levels. Keep in mind, prior to the outbreak of WWII, we had the 16th largest military in the world at the time---smaller than Portugal's military. It was one of the reasons the Japanese felt confident in attacking us. We weren't viewed as a big threat at the time. And this administration plans on doing this in the face of the rise in Russian and Chinese military power in addition to the threats we face from global terrorist groups. The fact is we cannot predict what the next strike will be from our enemies or where. It's better to be prepared than to have regrets after the fact. Moreover, why aren't more cuts made in areas that are redundant and wasteful like in the federal bureaucracy?