Monday, February 24, 2014

The MSM Presstitutes Continue To Compromise Journalistic Principles With Their Own Deceit + Lies

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  • It's certainly no surprise that the media relinquished its role as defenders of the Constitution---specifically, the 1st Amendment---a long time ago. It's just been more conspicuous since Obama became president.
  • In the not to distant past, we've seen NBC news alter 911 tapes as they did in the Zimmerman case. It's sole purpose was to make Zimmerman out to be a racist. The Associated Press actually refused to blame al-Qaeda for the 9/11 attacks with this gem: "Al-Qaeda has been blamed in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks." More recently, the stench at MSNBC has been overwhelming. Countless more books can be written about the media compromising journalist principles.
  • And they managed to do it again this past week. For example, Susan Rice made her first Sunday morning show appearance since 2012 when she (and the administration) blamed the attacks in Benghazi on a video. In her Sunday appearance on "Meet the Press" with David Gregory, she said she had no regrets about her previous comments on Benghazi. 
  • But that's not the only story in that story. No. David Gregory did not follow-up with any questions of his own regarding her absurd claims. Gregory was assaulted with yet more obvious lies and deceit, and he failed to grab the low-hanging fruit. Perhaps Susan Rice gave him some oral before the show started. Who knows? Even Chris Wallace of Fox News called out Rice for failing to appear on their network.
  • The other story involves my favorite fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud, John F. Kerry. With the exception of a few conservative journalists like Rich Lowry of National Review, no other presstitutes took Kerry to task for focusing on global warming (now climate change) as the Ukraine and Venezuela were imploding. Keep in mind, Syria is still in turmoil and Iran is balking at negotiations regarding its military nuclear program. And this nitwit talks up climate change. In fact, they didn't even take Pres. Obama to task when he actually had the guts to say to the Ukraine government: "There will be consequences if people step over the line." I swear you could hear Putin laughing his ass of as Syria came to mind.
  • Just as disturbing, we continue to watch the presstitutes exploiting the poor and middle class. For example, in NYC alone,  new Mayor de Blasio (who, by the way, has already been committing one blunder after another very well reported on by the conservative NY media) is asking for billions more for education. The city already receives $20B. Much of that money targets poor students as racial achievement continues to be stalled. Yet the media rarely points out the real reasons for these problems---namely, 45% of NYC children are born out of wedlock---almost 90% are born out of wedlock in many black and Hispanic neighborhoods.  In fact, about 1/4 of minority students miss more than 30 days of school per year.   But when was the last time you heard or read anyone in the progressive media hype the importance of family and personal responsibility?---white noise.
  • Of course, we've all witnessed this dishonesty first hand in the past 4 years.  The media knew the administration was begetting one lie after another when it came to Obamacare but they remained largely silent. In other words, they were complicit in the deceit.

  • This media is so far up the ass of the progressive political class, most expressed little outrage at the FCC and its plans to "monitor" their newsrooms and newspapers (refer to my previous post).
  • Last weekend, Michelle Obama called a lot of young people "knuckleheads." The truth is the knuckleheads can largely be found in today's media and the political class.