Friday, February 21, 2014

As Government's Assaults On Constitution Continue---Where Is The Outrage?

Correct answers to all these FCC media survey questions: "Fuck You." Tweet by David Burge

In my post yesterday, I asked the question: Is America In Peril With The Scope Of This Government's Overreach? I proceeded to list the number of incidents where our government overstepped its bounds regarding the First Amendment including the most recent news about the FCC's intent to monitor the nation's newsrooms as well as newspapers.

I'm now inclined to ask another question. Where is the outrage? After this news broke, it was largely neglected by most of the networks (excluding Fox News and several news associations).  In other words, our own news networks ignored threats to the freedom of the press---a guarantee entrenched in the First Amendment of the Constitution. To me, as well as many others, this is further proof that "real" journalism is dead. They don't even bother to defend themselves against government assault on their Constitutional rights.

Their behavior is even more disturbing when one considers the intent of what the government wants to do. For example, the FCC proposed that monitors set up shop in our nation's newsrooms to "determine whether journalist are producing articles, television reports, internet content and commentary that meets the public's 'critical information needs,'" reported Byron York today. York points out that these "needs" will be defined by the {Obama} administration.

So what survey questions does the FCC intend to ask of these news outlets? The following are some examples of those questions: 

  • What is the news philosophy of the station?
  • Who decides which stories are covered?
  • How much influence do you have in deciding which news to cover?
  • How much does community input influence news coverage decisions? (this question leads me to believe Pres. Obama and his enablers were involved in creating this survey. Hint: Community Organizers).
  • How do you define critical information that the community needs?
  • How many reporters and editors do you employ?
  • Do you employ news people?
Get the message? These are all exceedingly intrusive questions into private news enterprises that don't get government funding with the exception of the PBS networks (I'm sure they are awaiting these questions with open arms).

But, after having read most of these questions, I have a suggestion for the FCC surveyors: just turn on your damn TV set. It will have the answers to most questions staring you in the face. In addition, the FCC would save taxpayers millions of dollars by simply watching the news on TV.

If the FCC decides to go through with this assault on the Constitution, one has to consider what the outcomes would be. Will news stations be disciplined? How will they be disciplined? Will they be forced to change their content or will the FCC simply make suggestions?

What is certain---we are witnessing the demise of true journalism. Let's pray we're not also witnessing the demise of the First Amendment.

But perhaps, it all comes down to this: