Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rand Paul Teaches Nation A Lesson About Our Republic + Constitution; Republican Party "Re-Branding" and "Old Guard" Becoming Less Relevant: TSA Added 3000 Agents; Hunters Pour Billions Into Economy

Child Who Just Lost Balloon Begins Lifelong Battle With Depression...The Onion

  • For about 13 hours yesterday, while demanding answers about our current drone policy, Sen. Rand Paul gave the nation a lesson about our Republic and the Constitution. One can only hope that Pres. Obama and his enablers learned something last night---but I doubt it. Consider this---in just the last few months---we've seen overt attacks upon the First and Second Amendments. And the current debate regarding drones places direct focus on the Fourth Amendment (guards against unreasonable searches and seizures with judicially sanctioned warrants and probable cause).
  • Also add to these concerns and more, the lack of transparency from this administration regarding Benghazi and Fast + Furious.
  • When the Obama administration used the usual scare tactics regarding sequestration and having to lay off TSA agents, you need to know this. Since 2007, 3000 more TSA agents were hired as air ridership DECLINED (from 44,000 agents to 47,000). And TSA's budget is a cool $8B a year. And, as TSA added agents, the NYPD has 6000 fewer police than when Rudy Guillani was mayor. NY Post

  • As Rand Paul was filibustering last night, some Republicans had  dinner with Pres. Obama. Most were members from the "Old Guard" in the Republican Party (McCain, Coburn, Graham to name a few). In fact, Sen. McCain gave a thumbs-up to reporters after the meeting. But, as one reporter remarked, he didn't know if McCain was referencing the meeting or the meal.

  • The fact is the "Old Guard" in the Republican Party is becoming less relevant. We're witnessing a re-branding of the party with the likes of Rand, Rubio, Cruz, Ryan and several others.
  • It's now believed Pres. Obama had this "private" dinner with some Republicans because his campaigning and scare tactics regarding the sequester did not work. In other words, he might be changing his strategy considering he knows most of the Old Guard Republicans are feckless and suckers.
  • There are almost 14 million hunters in America who spend about $44B on hunting activities including $7.7B on hunting firearms, telescopic sights and ammo. USA Today
  • More proof the New York Times is becoming even more irrelevant. In writing about Hugo's death, they actually wrote this: "The endless debate about whether Chavez was a dictator or democrat..." Yo NY Times presstitutes---there is no debate. He was a loony,slimy prick.