Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yo Hugo, How Did That Michael Moore Endorsed Cuban Health Care Work For You?; Drones To Track U.S. Citizens Carrying Guns And Eavesdrop On Cell Phones; Schools: Money Is Not The Problem?; Biden "Dumb As An Ashtray"

 Cancer Topples Chavez In Bloodless Coup...The Onion

  • New York Post, as usual, has a great headline regarding Hugo's death: "Venezuela's Loony Leftist Croaks."
  • As progressives all of the world mourn the death of the loony Left prick, Hugo Chavez, it was a bad day for them overall. March 5th was also the anniversary of the death of another Lefty murdering scumbag, Stalin. In San Francisco, socialist nitwits actually had a candlelight vigil for Chavez. Several Hollywood nitwits are also in mourning (Sean Penn, sadly, said he lost a friend). But it was even worse than that. Democrat congressman Joseph Serrano, who represents my old district in the Bronx, praised Chavez. He said something typical of a socialist when he proclaimed Chavez "empowered the masses." It didn't end there. Even former congressman Joe Kennedy mourned the prick's death. Keep in mind, Hugo's chief allies included, but were not limited to, Castro, Iran and Russia.
  • So why all these praise for Chavez from the Lefty's? Let's see. According to Transparency International, Venezuela is now the most corrupt nation in Latin America.  The Fraser Institute ranked the country as the least free economy of 144 nations studies. It's so bad the country imports 70% of its food Their currency has been devalued 32% with a staggering fiscal deficit that 8.5% of their GDP. In addition, the country suffers from chronic shortages of electricity and basic goods. Their infrastructure is in shambles. And this is just a small part of what over of the legacy Chavez left for his people including a military dictatorship. Cato Institute

  • In the WTF file? Breitbart came into some information from the Electronic Privacy Information Center that Homeland Security has customized Predator B drones that can actually identify civilians carrying guns and eavesdrop on cell phones. Of course, this raises questions about privacy and the violation of  2nd and 4th Amendment.
  • Sometimes you have to ask yourself, where do they get the balls to say what they say? The government and many educators continue to ask for more funding for school. Let's look at just two of these school districts. With the millions pumped into Philadelphia public schools over the years, they still anticipate a $1B deficit in the next 5 years. In NYC, they spend $58B a year. Their spending grew at a rate of almost 3 times the rate of inflation. It's spending is up 127% in the last 25 years yet enrollment has fallen almost 4%.  According to the Alliance for Quality Education, the 100 poorest districts in New York spent, on average, just under $20 grand per pupil. (the U.S. average is almost $11,000 a year). In other words, funding schools is not the problem. The problem is school administrators unable to manage their rich financial resources. Parent Power Project
  • Roger Ailes, founder of Fox News, just published a memoir. He refers to Slo Joe Biden as being "dumb as an ashtray." He also said Newt is a "prick" and Obama is "lazy."