Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Obama Neglects His Responsibility To Lead Nation To Beat Down Republicans; Obama Admin Borrows 6X As Much As Sequester Just In February; Revisionism About Hillary Already Starting

American Airlines and US Airways To Form The World's Largest Inconvenience...The Onion

  • It's becoming increasing clear why Pres. Obama is always in campaign mode rather than leading the nation. His administration is focused on one goal and that is to have Democrats take over the House of Representatives in 2014. And if you think he's damaged the nation to this point, you ain't seen nothing yet if Democrats get control of the entire government.
  • He just might be able to pull it off too. Consider this. He ran on one of the worst records of an incumbent president in American history and still won. Now we're witnessing the petulant and feckless Republicans infighting among themselves from Karl Rove to CPAC. Republicans don't have much time to get their act together. We're talking a little over a year from now.
  • Vali Nasr was a special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan for the State Department. He recently reported Pres. Obama as "dithering, controlling and risk aversive." He also added, "The president has a truly disturbing habit of funneling major foreign policy through a small cabal of relatively inexperienced White House advisers whose turf was strictly politics." Any wonder why Obama's foreign policy is a mess? UK Telegraph

  • Speaking of the Secretary of State, a new book out about Hillary Clinton {"A Journey With Hillary Clinton From Beirut To The Heart Of American Power"} is the start of revising the history on her failed tenure as Secretary of State. Although she had no major diplomatic achievements, the summary of the book makes it clear it's a whitewash.  I have to give credit for the USA Today review of the book. The paper pointed out the same observation I just made. For example, "In four years, Clinton did not make peace in the Middle East, stop Iran from pursuing a nuclear program or set Afghanistan on a certain path to prosperity..."
  • I was listening to the BBC News today (although far Left, they do have good international news). They had a piece on the anniversary of Stalin's death. I could swear the hosts were weeping.
  • Those golf rounds Pres. Obama took with Tiger cost American taxpayers over a cool million dollars. UK Daily Mail
  • An email surfaced from the administration that clearly tells Agricultural staff to make the sequester look as painful as possible. Washington Times
  • And the Examiner is now reporting the administration planned on releasing 5000 illegal immigrants and place the rational on the sequester.
  • Oh, two more little items, the administration borrowed $253B in February or six times as much as the sequester and spent $50M on new TSA uniforms or $1000 per uniform---more than the cost of military uniforms. CNS News