Monday, March 4, 2013

Has Obama Administration "Jumped The Shark?"; Obama Administration Now Attacks The First Amendment; GAO: ObamaCare To Add Over $6T To Deficit

Completely Self-Absorbed Obama Gets Up And Just Talks For An Hour Straight...The Onion

  • Tell you the truth, I've always felt Obama and company were immune from "jumping the shark." But with the erroneous claims of what sequestration will do and the more recent stories of Obama administration staff threatening and cursing at members of the news media just, they just may have pulled a Fonzi. In addition, even SNL and Late Night comics are finally mocking the administration for making up lies about the impact of sequestration. When you lose the popular culture crowd, you're in trouble.
  • Peggy Noonan wrote this past weekend that the "Obamas are everywhere, but doing nothing." She correctly points out the Obama administration uses scare tactics and then lets the media take care of the rest. But what if some in the presstitute media felt they've been betrayed? Just today, the Daily Caller reports on the media pushback to the sequestration exaggerations. Also this weekend, the New York Post ran a long piece on reporters revealing how the Obama administration threatens and controls the media. And this came out after the Bob Woodward story. In addition, many of these stories are not only coming out from conservative media but from the liberal media as well. Jonathan Alter, a regular on MSNBC, admitted he too has been treated horribly by the administration for writing something they did not like. The Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf recently said much of what the administration does is "cloaked in secrecy." (I've written often about the lack of transparency within this administration as evidenced by Benghazi and Fast and Furious).
  • All of this is disturbing because it appears the Obama administration is now attacking the First Amendment. The First Amendment was added to the Constitution to make sure the media kept the public informed about what politicians do without fear of any retaliation. In fact, Bill Plante, one of the deans at CBS News, said last week, "They're {Obama administration} are undercutting the First Amendment." Of course, in recent years as I wrote about several weeks ago, much of that is the presstitutes own fault.

  • Even more disturbing is the use of the Obama's administration scare tactics with sequestration that appear to only target those areas that will harm the country.  Why not target real waste and fraud? For example, did you know taxpayers spend $17B a year just to maintain  over 5000 underused or unused government office buildings? Did you know the National Taxpayers Union identified $1T in 10-year savings through 56 budget cuts that would probably appeal to both liberals and conservatives alike? Did you know it cost taxpayers $180,000 an hour for Air Force One to fly Pres. Obama around (that does not include cost of security and associated costs. By the way, for once I have to give Biden some credit. He said he'll use Amtrak more often again since it cost about the same to fly him around in Air Force Two. Ironically, Amtrak would be broke if it were not for government subsidies). Did you know that Eric Holder's Department of Justice spent over $11M flying on Gulfstreams with only 40% of those flights "mission" related, meaning they took many personal trips?  This does not even include the billions of dollars wasted by Medicaid and Medicare. Add to that the billions wasted on green initiatives and we're talking real money. GAO, NY Post, The Public Interest Research Group.
  • By the way, regarding those scare tactics, the Washington Post is reporting that Education Secretary Arne Duncan's claim on Face The Nation that teachers are getting pink slips because of sequestration is not true.
  • The Government Accounting Office reported late last week that ObamaCare will add over $6T to the deficit in the next 75 years. GAO admitted earlier promises that the health care bill was cost neutral were wrong. Gee, what a friggin surprise!
  • And when the White House tells us the rich are not paying enough, you might consider this. AP is reporting today that the wealthy are paying some of the highest taxes they've paid in three decades.
  • Anyone know why the Homeland Security needs 2,700 light armored tanks and 1.6 billion bullets as reported in the Gateway Pundit today?