Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Dysfunctional Gov't Imposes Misery On Its Citizens; Slo Joe Biden Proves Yet Again He's A Knucklehead; Obama: Firearms Salesman Of The Year

Transportation Secretary LaHood Hoarding Traffic Cones, Stop Signs In Advance Of Sequester...The Onion

  • Whatever your opinion is of Obama, Democrats and Republicans, one fact is certain: this government has imposed undue misery on its citizens over the last several years. From the high unemployment, high poverty rates, stagnant wages, billions wasted on failed green initiatives,  unsustainable debt, deficits, sequester and a plunge in disposable income not seen in 6 decades (Bloomberg News), this dysfunctional government has failed at every turn. These are not problems created by Americans. These are problems created by the political class.
  • As the administration and its enablers in the presstitute media continue to attack Bob Woodward for allegedly exaggerating or lying, there's only one problem with those accusations: several others in the media and pundits have also accused this administration of being threatened by it. As reported on this blog yesterday, Lanny Davis, long-time Democratic operative and Obama supporter, said the same. And just today, Sharyl Atkinson of CBS News, said the same in an interview on WPHT 1210 AM out of Philadelphia.
  • Make no mistake. One of the reasons these journalists are being attacked is because they told the truth. And this administration can't handle the truth.

  • Most Americans know Slo Joe Biden is the nation's knucklehead. But he outdid himself yet again this week. In a interview with Field and Stream, he actually said: "If you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire a shotgun through the door." Coincidentally, as US News + World Report reported today, a man did just that after observing two masked men leaning into his bedroom window. He shot through a closed door and several windows. He was arrested for reckless handling of a firearm.
  • As Chicago struggles with some of the highest crime and murder rates in the country, they just added another dollar of tax to smokes. Cigarettes are now $11 a pack. Taxes make up $6.67 per pack. St. Louis Post Dispatch
  • It does not end in Chicago. In another Democrat controlled city, Philadelphia, property taxes were recently reassessed. In one case, a guy's home was reassessed from $12 grand to almost $117,000. CBS News Philadelphia

  • Oh, one more bit of news about another Democrat controlled city. Reuters is reporting the state will be taking over control of Detroit.

  • There is some good news. A gun shop in New Hampshire declared Pres. Obama "Firearms Salesman Of the Year."