Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Obama Adminisration's Bully Tactics: Now Attacking The First Amendment; Obama Now Backs Off Sequestration Apocalypse; Obama Meets With Republicans For 7 Minutes

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  • Last year I wrote a piece detailing the fact that Pres. Obama and his cohorts are bullies and pricks (recall how he attacked and dressed down the Supreme Court in his State of the Union speech in 2010). In fact, it's now becoming increasingly clear to many this administration is full of bullies as now evidenced by their attacks on one of their own, Bob Woodward.  After Woodward attacked the administration's sequestration tactics as "madness," the bullies in the White House and the enabling presstitutes in the media came out in full force attacking him. According to Woodward, he was threatened by White House staff warning him he would "regret" his actions (he has emails proving his claim). And just today, former Clinton long-time advisor, Lanny Davis, said he also received similar threats for columns he had written critical of the Obama administration (there are other reports  now surfacing of journalists who felt they were threatened by the White House). But then again, many of us already knew this.  The question now remains will Woodward fold and will his publication, The Washington Post, defend him. Politico, WMAL
  • So now the administration is not only attacking the Second Amendment; they are also attacking the First Amendment.

  • Well, that didn't take long. After weeks of using scare tactics on the American people---the only president to have done so in American history perhaps with the exception of Carter---Obama is no longer referring to the sequester as an "Apocalypse." Instead, he said it's not a cliff; rather, the budget cuts would cause a "tumble downward." If you recall, the Obama campaign used scare tactics very effectively with the stupids. The real scare tactic is that this man is president of the United States.
  • How serious is Pres. Obama about reconciling these budget cuts? He met with Republicans yesterday for a "whopping" 7 minutes. I guess he had some rounds of golf to get in that day.
  • The administration appears to have backed off considering his approach was not getting any traction even from some of the presstitutes in the media (who likes a president who wants to see its citizens suffer?). This is a president who was willing to score political points by suggesting he'd have to jeopardize our national security (the administration decided to cut our aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf from two to one---an area exploding right including Iran's nuclear threats).
  • And keep in mind every federal agency will continue spending more than they did last year.
  • In fact, Richard Benedetto, a retired USA Today White House correspondent, wrote today in USA Today, "Journalists need to be more skeptical of doom." He was referring to the presstitutes on the sequester apocalypse bandwagon.  In fact, he even points out many of the presstitutes were outright lying (although he used more diplomatic language).
  • ObamaLegacy: now Wal-Mart and JC Penney report they are struggling. Bloomberg News