Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Government Of The People, By The People And Forget The People

Nation Could Probably Draw John Boehner From Memory At This Point...The Onion

  • Last June, Rich Lowry of the National Review, wrote this: "The administration's corruption isn't bags of cash or lies about interns, it's a distortion of our form of government."
  • I thought about that quote today as the government announced there might be a deal to reopen the government. But I also realized this government shutdown exposed the soft tyranny governments are capable of imposing on its citizens.
  • Prior to the shutdown, we already had clear evidence of the government's overreach and intimidation with the scandals involving the IRS targeting mainly conservative groups and the NSA's massive surveillance of ordinary Americans. At the time those scandals broke, David Camp of the House Ways and Means Committee said, "Americans are affected by a culture of political intimidation and discrimination..."
  • Over the last five years, we've experienced the damage caused by this administration's failures in both domestic policies and in foreign policy---damage that will haunt the nation for decades after this administration leaves office.
  • Several months ago, two disgraced politicians---Anthony Weiner and Eliott Spitzer---exhibited their utter arrogance by attempting to run for political office again. Yes, they lost. But what made them think they could win? Easy, if Obama could win and even be re-elected, they thought why not give it a shot.
  • More recently, we've observed the harm being caused to countless Americans by ObamaCare.  In addition, the entire nation just witnessed this government trying to stop WWII veterans from visiting their own memorial.
  • All of these and more are examples of a government that has divorced itself from the very people it is suppose to serve. It's now a government of the people, by the people and forget the people.
  • In 2008, Pres. Obama said, "No one should get a free pass to violate the basic civil liberties of the American people..." He was taking a shot---as usual---at George W. Bush. Little did he know, he was referring to himself.