Sunday, May 13, 2012

Obama: First Gay President?; Michelle Obama vs. Oprah: Cat Fight; Rev. Wright Paid Off To Keep His Mouth Shut; Why All The Intelligence Leaks?; 50% Have No Health Insurance Coverage

President Obama came out in support of gay marriage. He said his position had been evolving for years. Miraculously he saw the light just in time for {Clooney's} big Hollywood fundraiser. What are the odds?..Leno

  • Leakers are reporting today that next week's Newsweek cover will declare Pres. Obama as the "First Gay President." (Do you notice the halo above Obama's head---creepy). I find this report ironic since Bill Clinton was declared "The First Black President." But he's not black. And, as far as we know now, Pres. Obama is not gay. What does all this mean? Simple---the media has lost its mind.
  • Surprisingly, 20 years ago, a lot of people---real dummies---bought the line about Clinton being the first black president. In fact, even many African-Americans went along with that nonsense.

  • But wait. What do we tell our children? Perhaps something like this. "Children, look at the image above? Can you tell me who is the first black president and who is the first gay president?" So what's my point? To show you how really absurd this all is. (By the way, I think that's WC Fields with Obama not Clinton).
  • More information on the sad state of journalism today. According to Politico (a left of center online publication) reported that Pres. Obama went to Robin Roberts of ABC to break the news about his support for gay marriage because one---they are friends. Two, because she's black.  And three, many reports have speculated that she is gay. In other words, he chose a "journalist" he knew would throw him softballs (yes, pun intended).

  • And more news about how bad journalist really is. Remember the story broken last week regarding Romney's alleged bullying of another alleged gay student in 1965? It now looks like the story has a lot of problems and many parts are not accurate. In addition, the alleged victim's sister said if the alleged victim were alive today, he would be furious about the story. She even said her brother's portrayal in the Washington Post story "is factually incorrect." And the family is pissed off they are using this for political purposes. This is my take: IT NEVER HAPPENED.
  • One thing is certain, many foreign journalist get it. Tim Stanley of the UK Telegraph said recently everything Obama says is considered historic (as with his gay proclamation last week).  He added, "The Prez could go seal-clubbing and much of the media would see it as a new epoch for winter sports." NY Post

  • Yesterday I reported on a new book out entitled, "The Amateur." In it, the author claims Bill Clinton wanted Hillary to run for president this past summer because Obama, according to Bubba, was incompetent. The second installment report came out today on the book. It also claims that Michelle Obama does not like Oprah at all.  In fact, Michelle was heard to say, "Kids will look at Oprah, who's rich and famous and huge, and figure it's OK to be fat." Ouch!!! In addition, some of the other female staffers surrounding the president viewed Oprah as a threat to them including The First Lady.
  • His book also reports that Rev. Jeremiah Wright was paid off by the 2008 Obama campaign to keep his mouth shut. According to the book, Wright claimed he was paid $150 grand.

  • With yet another intelligence leak last week---the one about the CIA double agent who thwarted another al-Qaeda bomb attack---many are asking why all the leaks?  Some believe because of the leak, the operation was blown too early. In other words, al-Qaeda in Yemen just shut down. Another question keeps popping up. Are the leaks deliberate to make the administration look good?

  • Not only is the man above still in Congress, he's running for office again.
  • How well is ObamaCare working? According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 50% of U.S. workers do NOT have healthcare coverage. It's the lowest number since 1994. I can swear Pres. Obama told us this would not happen---I can swear.
  • I often wonder. Do Americans have any idea how bad a shape many European countries are in right now and it could affect us very negatively?

  • And today come reports that al-Qaeda is now in Syria.
  • Last week, it was reported that about 30 bodies were found in Mexico, many with their heads cut off.  Well, 49 more headless bodies were found. It certainly appears that Mexico might even be more dangerous than Afghanistan. And Iraq---looks like Sweden compared to Mexico.