Friday, May 11, 2012

Liberal Media's Ugly Double-Standard Attack on Romney; Obama Campaign's Bullying Tactics; Hollywood's Hypocrisy: A Long History of Black Listing Gay Actors; Bill Clinton Called Obama An Amateur

President Obama came out in favor of same sex marriage. He said he hoped his support would make it easier for gay people to get married and for John Travolta to get a massage...Conan

  • In high school some of my classmates and I decided to pull one of many pranks on another classmate. We went to the Post Office, took out a change-of-address form and changed his address to somewhere in Japan (I was living in Philadelphia at the time). That was 1966. In college, as part of rush week, we took one of the rushes and hung him over a bridge  by his feet. The bridge spanned a ravine. That was 1967. I bring this up just in case I ever run for political office and The Washington Post decides to run a hit-piece on me. I just saved them hours of research time.

  • Yesterday, The Washington Post decided to do a hit piece on Mitt Romney. It was reported he and some classmates bullied another student who was allegedly gay. The piece as almost 6000 words long. The alleged incident occurred in 1965.
  • Let's put this ugly double-standard hit piece in perspective. This is the same media who refused to investigate Pres. Obama's 20 year association with with a pastor who made anti-American and anti-Semitic statements. This is the same media who didn't think it was any big deal when it was revealed (not by the main stream media) that Obama had an association with a domestic terrorist. This is the same media who didn't think anything about Obama's self-admitted drug use when he was a young man (In his own autobiography), Obama wrote, "pot had helped, and booze, maybe a little blow when I could afford it..." In other words, unlike Romney, Pres. Obama actually admitted to breaking the law.
  • Breaking News Now: the family of the alleged victim said they are ticked off the story is being used for political purposes). ABC News
  • So what conclusion can one come too? Once again, the media and the Obama campaign brilliantly diverted attention to the real issues facing most Americans (see my blog post from yesterday). But even more disturbing, it shows how ugly the liberal media is when it conspicuously supports Obama by reporting on ancient news. I predict---with a high degree of certainty--- that most rational Americans give a rat's ass about what childhood pranks Romney played on his classmates.
  • Several times, I've asked how many diversions can the Obama campaign come up with. It appears they have a bottom-less pit of diversions they plan on using. In fact, for what it's worth, if they continue this nonsense, they will make Romney appear to be a victim of their bullying tactics.

  • There's also delicious irony and hypocrisy in this entire episode. As most now know, Clooney held a fundraiser for Obama in Hollywood last night. It's reported about $15 million was raised (Don't worry if you missed it. You couldn't afford it anyway). And the Hollywood elite is so proud of his conversion to supporting same-sex marriage, the same elite who black-listed gay actors for decades.
  • The backlash to all of this nonsense may have already begun. Today's Rasmussen's Daily Tracking Poll shows Romney LEADING Obama by 7 points. Moreover, other polls now show that Evangelicals are swarming to Romney.

  • Perhaps there's another reason for these diversionary tactics this week.  A new book by Edward Klein entitled, "The Amateur," reports that Bill Clinton mocked Pres. Obama as being an "amateur."  In fact, Klein reports that Clinton also called Obama "incompetent." In it, the author also wrote that Bubba tried to persuade Hillary to run against Obama. The Clinton camp responded by saying Klein is a "known liar." (Really? Bill Clinton calling someone a "liar?" How ironic is that?)  NY Post
  • Perhaps with all of this nonsense, it should not come as a surprise that a new report says Americans consume 80% of the world's pain pills. UK Mail
  • Oh, by the way, Egypt, Syria and other "Arab Spring" nations are a mess. The myth of the Arab Spring continues. "Arab Spring"---another fantasy created by the media.
  • Also, did you know that Eric Holder's Justice Department has ignored jury summons, failed to comply with grand-jury subpoenas and ignored lawful demands for documents? In case Holder needs a reminder about our Constitution, Congress has a constitutional responsibility to provide oversight to the Executive Branch of government. This from Trey Gowdy who serves on the House Judiciary and Oversight Committee.