Tuesday, July 29, 2014

John F. Kerry: The Poster Dufus For Repeated Foreign Policy Failures

John Kerry Poses With Masseuse To Get A Few Minutes With Putin...The Onion

Regular readers of my blog know how much I despise John F. Kerry, a back-stabbing pompous ass. He proved that by maligning an entire generation of Vietnam and Iraq War veterans. 

But now the entire nation---in fact, the entire world---is finally realizing he's also the poster dufus for repeated foreign policy failures. Since he became Secretary of State,  Kerry's failures are countless. But some of the more egregious include the following:
  • Leading the collapse of Middle East Negotiations. Just this past week, his proposal for cease fire between Israel was rejected largely because it was weighed heavily in favor of Hamas. One reason: there was no mention of demilitarization of Hamas or destruction of their tunnels. These were both conditions for Israel.
  • In  April, he said Israel HAD to make concessions to the Palestinians or risk becoming a "apartheid state." In fact, Kerry even threatened boycotts against Israel agreements were not reached.
  • He, as well as Obama, appeared weak and helpless against Putin's aggression into the Ukraine. Putin eventually took over Crimea. 
  • Kerry's Syrian diplomacy was a miserable failure. It's now estimated over 150,000 Syrians have died in their civil war.
  • When Kerry showed up in Cairo, he was actually wanded by Egypt's security guards. In other words, even the Egyptians don't trust this prick.
  • When Kerry met with Qatar and Turkey representatives in Paris recently, even the Palestinians objected considering Qatar and Turkey have long been in bed with Hamas. Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post took notice and wrote: "Secretary of State John Kerry is in the wrong place, talking to the wrong people about the wrong thing." Ouch! She points out that Kerry didn't even invite Israelis to this meeting.
  • The New York Daily News reported John Kerry is the only American Secretary of State to fail to get combatants on either side of the Israeli/Palestinian equation to agree to a ceasefire in more than 20 years.
  • Two weeks ago, Kerry demeaned American exceptionalism (in fact, I blogged about it that week).  Kerry, the current Secretary of State and former Senator of the U.S., actually said, "I get a little uptight when I hear politicians say how exceptional we are." He said that to a Yale graduating class.
  • Ben Shapiro, writing for Breitbart, pointed out that Kerry betrayed Israel on at least 8 occasions. 
  • Kerry has astonishingly been able to piss off Israelis, Europeans and even the Palestinian Authority. That's quite an achievement but no surprise considering he has a long list of failures on his resume.
Yep, I'm tough on this goofy twerp. Like his former colleague in the Senate, Harry Reid, John Kerry deserves all this criticism and more. Rich Lowry in the NY Post wrote it best today: "So far, Kerry's tenure as secretary of state is making Hillary Clinton's undistinguished stint look impressive by comparison."