Monday, March 11, 2013

Beware Of Progressive Republicans As Well As Progressive Democrats: They Are Still Progressives; New Record High For Those On Food Stamps; TSA Blunders Continue

TSA To Allow Small Terrorists On Planes...The Onion

  • After Sen. McCain + company came out of their free, tax-payer funded dinner with Pres. Obama last week, they immediately criticized several of their own including Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. In other words, instead of selling out their colleagues for 30 pieces of silver, it only took a free dinner. Even Judas had more class. The lesson here is clear: Conservatives must be on guard against progressive Republicans as much as progressive Democrats.
  • Michael Goodwin of the NY Post said it well. "The world's most powerful loner {Pres.Obama} is suddenly a socializing animal." He points out correctly and have countless others---including Bob Woodward---the president shunned Congress and members of his own party for the past 5 years. He seldom spoke to his own cabinet (so much so even little Timmy Geithner and Hillary Clinton complained about it). In fact, this is a guy who once watched the Super Bowl---alone. But the president learned that demonizing his opponents was not working so well so he decided to reach out---to the progressives of the Republican Party.
  • Remember when Pres. Obama ran on bringing the country together? A new USA Today/Bipartisan Policy Center Poll found that 76% of Americans now believe the country is more divided.

  • As the White House, Democrats and their enablers in the media try to convince us the economy is improving, we have this new threshold today: The Ag Department reported 2012 broke a record for those receiving food stamps at almost 47 million. But it gets worse. December came in at 47,972,000.
  • Are you looking for ammo? Well, you better buy some today. VA gun show dealers announced this week they are out of ammo. By the way, the government is buying up a lot of ammo (not for the military) but for other agencies within the government. I'm not a conspiracy buff, but is it just coincidental that we happen to be running out of ammo as the feds buy millions of rounds?

  • A TSA whistle blower said in an interview last week, "I wouldn't trust them (TSA staff) to walk my dog." He also said TSA has a culture that's devoid of common sense (as evidenced by TSA undercover Red Team investigators being able to carry fake bombs through TSA screeners in February). In addition, according to this whistleblower, TSA screeners don't even need a high school diploma or GED to get hired.
  • But, as TSA screeners fail to detect bombs, Virgin Atlantic airlines last week told Nicky Howse, a petty officer, she could not board their aircraft while wearing her combat fatigues. Their reason: it might scare the passengers. Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin, did come out and say it was a "dreadful mistake."