Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mon Dieu! The Left Is Upset The Pope Believes In Catholic Doctrine; Organizing For Action's Lie Of The Day; TSA Holes: Yo Mr. President: Why So Many White Guys?

Let's Talk About How Fast I Can Run by Oscar Pistorius...The Onion

  • Allow me to put my cards on the table. I'm Catholic. In fact, I'm even a former member of a religious order (as a postulant). That was a lifetime ago for me. In addition, my criticism of the Church has little to do with dogma as much as it has to do with ritual. For example, even as a young seminarian, the kissing of a bishop's ring; I found to be a bit strange. Some of the vestments worn by the Church hierarchy turns me off even today (what's with that big hat anyway?). Regarding church attendance, it's been on and off for me. I do make regular visits to church because I love the solitude and the brief monastic environment. However, I must confess, I don't attend Mass as much as I used to.
  • Having said all of that, I find the criticism coming from the Left of Pope Francis fascinating. It's as if they are upset he actually believes in Catholic doctrine. Mon Dieu! What a friggin surprise! For example, Nick Kristof of the NY Slimes tweeted how "sadly traditional" the new Pope is on sexuality and contraception. The Daily Beast noted disappointment with the new Pope's attitude toward homosexuality. Salon basically said the same but also added something about reproductive rights (code for abortion). Others targeted the issue of gay marriage.
  • These  critics are the same people who preach about tolerance, forgiveness, redemption, serving the poor, and social justice---all of the characteristics we now know are particular to Pope Francis. Everything I've read to date about this new Pope, he appears more inclusive than his critics on the Left. For example, when was the last time any of them washed and kissed the feet of people suffering from AIDS? Well, this Pope has.
  • There is no doubt the Catholic Church needs to reform in many areas. In particular, anything having to do with the sex abuse scandals needs continued attention including any sleazebag Bishops or Cardinals that helped cover-up the scandals. The fact is the Catholic Church as been around for over 2000 years. It's done many things wrong, but in its long history; it's done many more things right especially when it comes to having served the poor, the sick, those with disabilities and disenfranchised among us.

  • The Lie of the Day: As I reported here several weeks ago, Organizing for Action is a political group created by Pres. Obama's top campaign executives. It executive director, Jon Carson, actually wrote in an editorial in USA Today: "We are not a partisan organization..." I swear. You gotta be impressed with the balls these guys have in lying straight into our faces. As Fred Wertheimer, a campaign reform advocate, wrote about this group: "No president has ever done this in the past...If you give a million to this group, you are potentially buying undue influence with the president."
  • TSA Holes (I had to borrow that from a NY Post headline) did it again. As reported last week, some undercover TSA investigators slipped through several screenings with dummy IED's on their person. Well, this week, a man was able to slip a stun gun past TSA screeners at JFK airport. He had used the stun gun to allegedly rape and assault his ex-girlfriend a day earlier.

  • The Congressional Black Caucus is a tad upset with Pres. Obama. According to them, all of the President's cabinet appointments thus far---have been white guys. Recent cabinet appointments include: Lew at Treasury--a white guy. Hagel at Defense---a white guy. Back-stabbing and fraud, J.F.Kerry, at State---a very white guy and dickhead too. Of course, then you have Slo Joe Biden, a very white guy and dumb as a bag of nails.