Friday, March 15, 2013

The Real War: The Political Class vs. The People; Number of People in Bloomberg's Nanny City On Food Stamps Doubles During His Tenure; Another Democrat Lie of the Day

There are reports that Joe Biden will handle foreign policy matters during Pres. Obama's second term. You know it's bad when world leaders are saying, "Can You Send Dennis Rodman instead?"...Fallon

  • We've heard a lot about "wars" in the last several years whether it was the phony wars on women, on class, on race, etc. All of those were simply diversions and distractions used brilliantly by the Obama administration, his campaign and his enabling presstitutes in the media. The real war going on in America is the war of the political class against the People. We see it evidenced with the current debate over gun control and the Second Amendment. We even witnessed many bullying tactics by the Obama administration against some in the media that did not (do not) tow the administration line. Bob Woodward was a recent example. And just last week, we watched the progressives in the Republican Party attack the younger and new Republican members of Congress who simply defended the Constitution and the Republic. So, yes, there is a war going on in America. It's those in political power who don't want or intend to give up that power even if they have to sleep with the "enemy."
  • Yesterday, some Senate Republicans had lunch with the president to discuss the budget. They dined over lobsters. To us, the message was clear: Let them eat crab.

  • As Mayor Bloomberg of NYC continues his nanny obsession with what kinds of foods we put into our own bodies, the Independent Budget Office reported today that---during his tenure as mayor---the number of people receiving food stamps doubled. The cost of the program spiked from $1.2 billion ten years ago to almost $3.5 billion today.
  • Last week, I wrote a piece about Obama's sequestration (budget cuts) hurting the middle class and our military. Today, it was reported more than 250,000 troops will be DENIED tuition for classes this year. But, as you've heard by now, states are considering lowering tuition for illegal immigrants. Put this in your WTF? file.
  • This week, the fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud, J.F Kerry (current feckless Sect. of State), met with teens and high schoolers who visited the nation's capital. He didn't say anything to them about his trying to damage the integrity of an entire generation of Vietnam Era Veterans and Iraq War veterans.

  • Lie of the Day: Sen. Patty Murray on the budget debate this week: "Unlike House Republicans, Democrats in the Senate take a responsible approach toward tackling the deficit." Barf bag anyone?