Monday, March 18, 2013

Republicans: Conservative Principles Win Elections Not Progressive Principles

Opposition To Soda Ban Sad Proof That Americans Still Fight For What They Believe In...The Onion

"The trouble with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." Attributed to Margaret Thatcher

There's a lot of debating going on within the Republican Party regarding the future of the party (Full disclosure. I am not a Republican. Never have been. I define myself as an Independent Reagan Conservative. And yes, Republicans should still pay me mind). The irony is all Republicans need to do is to pursue core conservative principles. Most rational people believe in many of these same core values. Some of these include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Don't bend on the Constitution. Stick to the "originalist" theory of constitutional interpretation. When progressives + liberals try to develop "new" and "evolving" constitutional powers---fight back.
  • As defined by the Bill of Rights, a strong conviction to uphold our rights as citizens of this great Republic. Liberty is not granted by our government. It's in inherent right.
  • Limited government is the answer not government overreaching into every aspect of our lives. We must always be suspicious of centralized power. We are currently seeing this with the debate over the Second Amendment. Continue to make sure our food is safe.  Ensure our medications are safe. Ensure our highways are safe and well maintained. But beyond these and several others, keep everything else local, e.g. within the states.
  • National security must be a national priority. In fact, according to our Founding Fathers, it must the primary obligation for this government.
  • Continued support of a strong military.
  • Support the free enterprise system and economic liberty. This includes limiting regulations not expanding them. In the last 90 days, the government posted over 6000 NEW regulations.
  • A strong belief that America is exceptional.
  • Continue pursuing lowering of taxes, cutting down on spending and waste and fraud in spending and make it clear addressing the nation's debt is a priority as is a balanced budget. In other words, restore fiscal responsibility.
  • There is a path to citizenship: it's called legal immigration. Uphold those laws. Enforce border security and tighten up visa application process.

  • Expanding diversity within the party should always be a goal. This country is great because of it's diversity. The Republican Party needs to stop kidding itself. Whether right or wrong, the perception is (and has been for decades) it's a party of old white guys. It's not. But that does not mean it can continue tolerating that kind of misrepresentation. The outreach to women, younger voters, Hispanics and African-Americans must and should continue. The outcome of this outreach will be positive. In addition to those pictured above, just look at the rising stars currently in the party in Rubio, Cruz and others and the positive impact they are having in the party---regardless of what the "old guard" is saying.
  • Finally, be wary and cautious of Progressive Republicans.