Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Socialist/Progressive Governments: Why Tax Our Citizens? Let's Just Raid Their Savings Accounts; MSNBC Does Little Factual Reporting; TSA Agents Humiliated Wounded Marine

"Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods? Will this relationship work? Or will it be just another hole in one for Tiger?" Tweet from PalmD...

  • Taxes? What stinkin' taxes? We don't need your taxes. We'll just take your hard earned money out of your bank savings account. And that's exactly the plan  promoted by Cyprus and its socialist Euro partners. The intent of those thieving governments is to seize up to 10% of the people's savings. In other words, they plan to raid bank accounts as part of a $15.8B euro ($20.4B) financial bailout. This precedent is clear: their money in every Euro bank is not safe. Can it happen here? Who knows? I doubt it but one never knows.
  • Gov. Cuomo of New York State made a similar promise as did Bush 41. Cuomo said, "No new taxes. Period." He then went on to raise taxes on the wealthy in 2011.
  • The latest news is that a Russian energy company is offering to bail Cyprus out in exchange for gas exploration rights. Hey, has anyone from America spoken to the Ruskies? Perhaps they can help bail us out for granting them gas exploration rights. Yo, just askin'.

  • Pew Research reported that MSNBC only spends 15% of its time on actual FACTUAL REPORTING. It spends 85% of its time on commentary and opinion. Fox spends 45% on factual reporting and 55% on commentary and opinion. CNN spends 54% of its time on factual reporting as opposed to 46% on commentary and opinion.
  • Now Mayor Bloomberg wants to make sure cigarettes and other tobacco products are hidden from view including in your local store. This is the same Bloomberg whose city has a high school graduation rate of 66%. This is also the same Bloomberg who---during his tenure as mayor of NYC---doubled the city's debt load from $55B to over $110B now.  And small bodega owners are concerned this plan will hurt their business. Some predict it could hurt up to 90% of their tobacco sales. In other words, the small business man and woman will be hurt by this. Craine's NY Business/NY Post
  • We've heard many reports recently of TSA blunders but this one takes the cake. It was reported yesterday that TSA agents humiliated a Marine. But there's more to the story. The Marine lost his legs due to an IED. They made him REMOVE his prosthetic legs at one point and also stand to inspect his wheelchair. Yo TSA: you ever hear the term: situational awareness, you putzes? Fox News