Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sen. Harry Reid: YOU ARE A DISGRACE! And A Lunatic; Second Amendment Wins This Round; Bloomberg: Just Ban Everything; Asteroids are Everywhere

Authorities On Alert As Hundreds Of Crazed Sociopaths Enter Congressional Chambers...The Onion with photo of congressmen and women on House front steps.

  • It's no secret that Harry Reid is a first-class prick. But he's even worse than that. Yesterday, he was on the Senate floor referring to the 7 Marines that died in a training accident this week. And then he went on to blame their deaths on the budget cuts {sequestration}. In other words, he used their deaths for purely political reasons. As Mark Levin so aptly stated, "It {Reid's comment) was grotesque."
  • And it's not the first time this fool made more of a fool of himself. In 2009, before the successful surge in Iraq, he declared the "war is lost." For those living in Nevada, why do you keep electing this lunatic?
  • By the way, the president spent more time on his NCAA brackets than he did on the deaths of our 7 Marines.
  • There will be no assault weapons ban in the new gun control bill. The Senate does not have the necessary votes to pass such a ban. According to reports, there were less than 40 votes in support of Sen. Feinsteins's bill. Libery won this round.
  • As reported earlier this week, Mayor Bloomberg wants all tobacco products hidden from view in stores. I have a suggestion for this genius. Why don't you just ban everything? Too much red meat is bad for us. So hide it from view. Sweets can lead to diabetes. So hide all the candy, cakes, cookies, etc. from our view. This is a classic example of the government wanting an inch but will always try to take a yard. But what's even scarier---there are people that agree with this insanity and having the government steal more of our liberties.

  • Time to scare the crap out of you. NASA reporting today that nearly 10,000 asteroids just missed us in 2012. Of those, 95% can wipe us out because they are larger than 1/2 mile long (the one that hit Russia several weeks ago and caused all that damage was about 500 feet long). Enjoy your day. USA TODAY
  • A map of the Middle East released by the White House just before the president's trip to Israel is missing something very important. I wrote "very important." It erased Jerusalem and other Israeli terrority. OOOOPs? Or on purpose? Washington Free Beacon

  • We sent this guy to greet the new Pope (look up). God help us.
  • You think you can get a perfect NCAA bracket? Well, the odds are almost as high as Obama's debt will be in a few years: 9.2 Quintillion. USA TODAY