Thursday, March 21, 2013

Peace in the Middle East: A Delusion; Since 9/11, Over 20,000 Jihad Attacks World Wide; ObamaCare: Premiums Could Rise 200%; PETA Allegedy Killed 1,600 Dogs + Cats

Justin Bieber announced he is growing a mustache. He's going to publish the finished result on Twitter assuming Twitter exists in 2050...Ferguson

  • Perhaps no better metaphor for the prospects of peace in the Middle East was expressed by two events yesterday as Pres. Obama visits Israel. The president's $300 grand limo broke down (apparently some yo-yo filled the beast up with diesel rather than gasoline). It had to be hauled away.
  • The other event was more enlightening. Hamas decided to rain five rockets from Gaza into Israel. Fortunately no causalities were reported.
  • Since 2001, Israel has been hit with over 10,000 rocket attacks, almost 5000 mortar attacks resulting in over 60 deaths and 2000 injuries. A majority of these attacks originated from Gaza. Wikipedia
  • Since 9/11, there have been 20,569 jihad attacks worldwide, 38 in the last two weeks alone resulting in 156 dead and 417 critically injured. The Religion of

  • Hamas, Iran and other terrorist thugs have one little problem if they decide to take on Israel even from Israeli female warriors. Look up.
  • Whatever Pres. Obama promises to the Israelis, they must understand it's not what he says; it's what he does. And his track record regarding Israel's security---sucks.
  • Three congressional committees are reporting today that ObamaCare (The Affordable Care Act)  could increase insurance premiums by 200%. Affordable Care Act?

  • A report out of Virginia today accuses PETA headquarters in Virginia killed 1600 dogs and cats or over 90% of the animals handed over to them. If you donate to these lunatics, I'd suggest you stop immediately. UK Daily Mail And if you need more proof, go to Peta Kills They list the killing in this disgusting group's history.
  • In Chicago, which has some of the strictest gun laws in America, 7 were shot at a club during a rappers album release. NBC