Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mr. Obama: Who Are You? What Do You Believe In?

Even though the president is traveling, he has a staff and a phone and is perfectly capable of faking work anywhere...WH Press Secretary Tweet

  • If I ever had the opportunity to meet Pres. Obama I would ask him point-blank: Who are you Mr. President? What exactly do you believe in? I believe many Americans have been asking themselves those same two questions for some time now---even more recently.
  • His track record in the last six years and his years as a senator certainly indicate he's a progressive. But it's much to easy to arrive at that conclusion. There's something much deeper going on with this man, this president. For example, when he was campaigning for president, he projected hope and optimism to many Americans (those who fell for the con). Yet, as president, he projects weakness, doubt and a suggestion that he's abandoned our allies.  Even some in the press are now proclaiming that Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime Minister and David Cameron, the PM of Great Britain, have assumed leadership roles on the global political scene. In effect, replacing---perhaps for the first time in modern world history---an American president as the leader of the free world. In other words, these two leaders have filled the vacuum created by Obama's failure in leadership. 
  • In foreign policy, we witness---on a daily basis---foreign leaders, dictators and even the leadership of terrorist organizations basically disregarding the pronouncements coming out of the White House. To borrow from Ronald Reagan, his policy of peace through strength has been replaced by a policy of peace through appeasement and defeatism in the Obama administration. Syria's Assad and Russia's Putin paid no mind to Obama's drawing of the red lines. Even terrorist thugs and murderers like Boko Haram made fun of the administration's hashtag diplomacy. Included in this are Christians who are being cleansed and murdered throughout the world, and barely a mention of this new holocaust from the White House. In other words, when thugs know the United States won't stand up to their aggression, the aggression will continue.
  • There's a sense of benign neglect pervading this entire administration. And it's not only in foreign policy. It's become evident in domestic policy as well. For example, with regard to the border crisis, there's an appearance of no one being in charge in Washington. Hence, another void created resulting in thousands of illegal immigrants keep crossing our borders. 
  • Of course there are also the many scandals and the conspicuous lawlessness.
  • It's often been said that Obama likes to lead from behind. The problem with leading from behind is that few follow as evidenced by the examples above. So what's a nation to do when it has no idea what the guiding principles and core values are of its leadership? This is certain: the outcome is a much more divided nation whose image on the world stage has been severely diminished.
  • There is an answer however to the U.S. regaining its stature in the world. As Seth Lipsky of the NY Sun wrote several weeks ago: "Let's do it the way Reagan did---with presidential strength and economic growth."  There's just one big problem: Obama and the progressive political class continue to stand in the way.
Postscript: It's now clear the Obama administration appears to make more excuses for Islamist as he continues to attack Christians and remains hostile to Israel.