Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Media Bias Toward Israel Abets Antisemitism, Criminal Behavior and Violence

Hamas: Polite academic society's favorite genocidal neo-Nazis...David Burge Tweet

  • Several days ago, I wrote a piece about the media's sins of omission (July 14, 2014). In short, I made the claim that media bias is also evident in what the media ignores or does not choose to report. I listed countless examples as they relate to the the current crises in Israel and on our border.
  • But the media's bias takes on an added dimension---one that also abets---one might also argue reinforces---the antisemitism and criminal behavior of Islamist. I've also found it intriguing that many of the same people in the media (and the progressive political class) who condemn what al-Qaeda and its affiliates do will defend the likes of Hamas, a designated terror organization.
  • The media's bias against Israel is nothing new. It goes back to May of 1948 when the State of Israel was created. To list examples of its bias toward Israel on these pages would take a lifetime. Even now, when I occasionally listen to the BBC news for their international reporting, their bias toward Israel is conspicuous. In fact, they no longer even attempt to hide it. Many media outlets have become experts at steering the news from the truth. We've watched this play out in our own internal media coverage. Examples of course include the withholding of reporting of the  many lies of the administration with regard to Obamacare, Benghazi and the IRS just to name a few. 
  • But the former behaviorist in me obliges me to report that this bias is also very dangerous. When the media converts terrorists like Hamas into victims of Israel's warranted, self-defense actions, they are complicit to the antisemitism, criminal behavior and violence perpetuated by Hamas. They also reinforce the aggressive actions of a terror organizations like Hamas and others. And equally disturbing, they reinforce the latent (and sometimes overt) antisemitism that often emerges in crises like these. We've seen this antisemitism raise its ugly head in several European nations in just the last week. For example, gangs have been roaming in France chanting, "Jews, out of France!"
  • Journalism is suppose to be the guardian of liberty. Unfortunately, in too many cases, they've increasingly abetted the violence we're witnessing in the Middle East and other parts of the world. In some respects, it's become a criminal press.