Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tolerance, Free Speech + Diversity Are Casualties In Education

Educational Puppet Pelted With Crayons ,,,The Onion

The examples of intolerance on our nation's campuses---from lower grades to universities---are countless.  Interesting considering the crybabies in many institutions of lower and higher education are obsessed with so called "microaggressions" or what they perceive to be discrimination, subtle or overt, against members of a marginalized group (e.g. ethnic, race, sexual or political).  And while discrimination against anyone is unacceptable, it apparently doesn't apply to conservatives.

During the Bush administration, we witnessed this conspicuous discrimination against then Secretary of State Condi Rice.  The university faculty did not want her to speak.  She decided not too.  Keep in mind, she was the first African-American to hold that post in government.  The same type of protests occurred against conservatives like Ann Coulter, David Horowitz and many others.

I bring this to your attention because of the most recent incident of intolerance and attack on free speech. 

Ted Cruz was scheduled to speak to a Charter School in the Bronx this week.  The school's largely minority population urged the principal to cancel the event.  Students, according to a report in the NY Post today said Cruz was "misogynistic, homophobic and racist."  The CEO of the Charter School agreed with the students.  In addition, public school unions were going to protest his appearance.  The irony is that both Cruz and his wife support charter schools.  In fact, Heidi Cruz serves on a board of a charter school in Texas. In addition, Ted Cruz donated his salary to that school during the government shutdown three years ago.

Rebel Diaz, a protester, said of Cruz he's a "right-wing bigot and is not welcomed here." The irony of course is that progressives have no problem with inviting intolerant, anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic speakers and representatives to speak on their campuses.

American institutions of education were once thought to be bastions of free speech, tolerance and diversity.  In too many schools today, it's just the opposite.  And progressives reinforce this warped ideology.