Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Second Amendment is Winning; Supremes to Take Up Same-Sex Marriage; Nixon Must Be Wondering: What Did I Do Wrong?

"This is a pointless trip," Obama says while shaking hands with Netanyahu...The Onion

  • Immediately following the tragedy at Newtown, Conn., the gun control activists came out in full force to, once again, attack the Second Amendment. It appears the Second Amendment is holding its own very well (as the Founding Fathers intended). And just last week, the feckless prick, Sen. Harry Reid, announced the assault weapons ban would not be part of any gun control bill. Today, a new CBS poll shows that support for stricter gun control measures tanked in the last several months. Right after Newtown, support for stricter gun control came in at 57%. It stands at 47% today.
  • In fact, the American people would rather Congress and local authorities rely more on greater police presence in our schools and better mental health screening. In addition, 47% of Americans want more studies on the impact of violent video games and violence in movies and on TV. (Recent Gallup Poll). Background checks are still on the front burner, but it's difficult to predict the outcome of such legislation.

  • One question remains. Why is the government buying so much ammo? In fact, with the government purchasing such large quantities of ammo and the surge in ammo sales, ammunition is becoming less scarce. Thus far, the government has not responded to questions about the large ammo purchases. To put it in perspective, according to report, DHS has stockpiled more than 1.6 billion bullets, mostly .40 cal and 9mm. That would be enough ammo to fight in Iraq for 24 more years based on military use of ammo annually. Conspiracy buffs point to the government using less availability of ammo for firearms as a back-door way of restricting guns. I think it's too early to jump to that conclusion, but it's one conspiracy theory that is certainly intriguing.
  • The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on California's Proposition 8. In addition, it will also hear a related case involving the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Once again, I believe the preference of most Americans is decisions on same-sex marriage should be left to the states. At least, that's where I stand.

  • In USA TODAY, Jonathan Turley makes a good argument regarding the similarities between Nixon and Obama. In short, he points out somewhere "Nixon must be wondering how it could have been this easy." Turley is referring to the prevalence of warrantless surveillance, unilateral military action, kill lists, and attack whistle-blowers---all common in the Obama administration. I would also add the lack of transparency by this administration is greater than it was during the Nixon administration.
  • As America is faced with sequestration budget cuts, Pres. Obama and family are going on yet another vacation. They are averaging one vacation per month. Drudge