Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another Study: ObamaCare Costs For Individuals to Rise Up To 80% in Some States; Sequestration's Pain is Calculated; More Americans Moving to Red States

Kim Jong-Un Comes Out In Support Of Gay Marriage: "I Am Not A Monster."...The Onion

  • It appears a week does not go by that we don't see yet another report regarding the negative impact of ObamaCare on the public especially when it comes to cost. Last week, a report from several congressional committees reported premiums could increase by 200% on many Americans (the young will be impacted the most because insurers will be forced to charge young, healthy people more to cover the cost of insuring older Americans). The Congressional Budget Office and several other non-partisan groups came to similar conclusions. And yesterday, we received even more bad news. The Society of Actuaries reported insurance companies will have to pay out an average of 32% more for medical claims on individual health policies under ObamaCare. And to add insult to injury several states will experience costs to increase over 80% (Ohio, Wisconsin, California and Maryland). Several states will see a decrease (mostly in New England but decreases will be minor about 2% to 13%).
  • And if you are a senior, you need to know that section 3000A of the law awards bonus points to the hospitals tht spend the least per senior. NY Post

  • Several weeks ago, I wrote a piece about sequestration spreading misery to the poor, middle class and our troops (but not the political class). For example, more than 250,000 troops will be denied tuition for classes this year (USA TODAY). Just last week, the same publication reported Native American school districts will be taking big hits due to the budget cuts. It's become increasingly obvious the specific sequestration cuts were to inflict pain on the public for one reason only: political. And that, my friends, is a disgrace. Keep in mind, as the administration spreads this pain to many Americans, Slo Joe Biden's stay in two European hotel rooms cost taxpayers over a million dollars for two days and his limo expenses in Europe totalled almost $400k. Again, more evidence the political class keeps flipping us the bird.

  • Many Americans are getting sick and tired of high taxes and government mismanagement. They are getting so upset that they are now moving out of Democrat controlled states and cities into red states.  The last census showed that Americans fled the East Coast, the West Coast and the Great Lakes region in drove. They  moved and continue to move to Florida, Texas, Arizona, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. All have Republican governors (30 states now have Republican governors). So the hope and future of the Republican Party rests with those states.