Monday, September 12, 2016

Clinton's Fonzie Moment: Basket Of Deplorables + A Health Cover-Up

How is it possible Hillary has pneumonia when we saw her open a pickle jar ...Razor's Tweet

Those of you old enough recall the TV show,  "Happy Days,"  the  two-episode piece when Fonzie jumped a shark on water skis.  "Jumping the Shark" eventually became known for writers of a TV show that has run its course for new ideas.  It usually means a particular TV show is on the short side of life and close to cancellation.

It's my contention that Hillary Clinton's bigoted accusation of Trump supporters---referring to them as a "basket of deplorables" last week---just might be her Fonzie moment. She said, "You could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call a basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic---you name it."    In my opinion, the big mistake was attacking Trump's supporters and not Trump directly.  Having said that, her attack should surprise no one.  Progressive democrats always place people in groups (e.g. racists, homophobes, etc.) instead of treating people as individuals. Bear in mind, it's Hillary Clinton who took millions from racist, sexist, and homophobic nations.  In addition, WikiLeaks uncovered same in DNC emails.

On the heels of that absurd accusation, she has a health emergency at the 9/11 Memorial.  If you recall, after her prolonged coughing incident during a speech in Cleveland last week, many eyebrows were raised and questions were asked.  Namely, her health became a major issue.  Nevertheless, the presstitutes in the media came to her defense.  The Washington Post and The New York Times immediately circled the wagons.  For example,   WaPo said questions regarding Clinton's health were "ridiculous."  Keep in mind, these were the same publications that had no hesitancy in questioning the health of John McCain and Ronald Reagan before him. The bottom line---whatever her current health status---is not good. Again, after she collapsed at the 9/11 Memorial, she was sent to her daughter's residence rather than a hospital which should have been protocol especially for a presidential candidate. Her handlers understood having a presidential candidate on a litter entering an emergency room would have not been good "optics." 

Hillary Clinton already has a significant "trustworthiness" issue.  Every polls shows a majority of Americans do not trust her.  In addition, her lack of trust strains any sympathy people might have for her.  And while any rational person would not want her to have a serious medical condition, it becomes more difficult when she accuses almost half of the country as racists, sexist, homophobes, etc.  

Hillary Clinton's basket of deplorables looks more like a basket full of disdain, contempt and scorn for many American people.