Monday, December 8, 2014

Progressives: The Juxtaposition of Deceit And Ignorance

Certain NFL players are anxious to point out their ignorance as certain members of Congress...Fred Zeppelin Tweet

This week, Rolling Stone admitted to  their own journalistic malfeasance about an alleged rape that took place at a fraternity at the University of Virginia. They only admitted to the wrongdoing because they were caught.

No one should have been surprised that a progressive rag like Rolling Stone was perpetuating a myth. We've seen this kind of behavior all to often with progressives especially recently. For example, many of the marches and protests have nothing to do with race. It has more to do with sustaining a false narrative about the behavior of police officers. You don't even have to take my word for it. Yesterday, Eric Garner's widow said the death of her husband wasn't "a black and white thing."

But  that didn't stop the nitwit Mayor of NYC to demean his own police department. Last week, he declared that he taught his son about the dangers he might face from the police (Mayor de Blasio is married to an African-American). The statistics show that de Blasio should have taught his son to be aware of the dangers his son might face from other young black youth. In fact, the most recent statistics from the NYPD  {July 1 through November 30} report that total complaints against the NYPD fell 26%. Excessive force complaints fell by 29%. And abuse-of-authority complaints are down 22%. In other words, the NYPD appears to be doing a good job.

The NY Post also reported a significant drop in shootings by the NYPD. In 1994, sixty-one people were shot by the NYPD, killing 21. Last year, they shot 26 perpetrators and eight were killed. There are more people shooting and killing each other in cities like Chicago in just a two-week period. For example, last September,  31 people were wounded in Chicago shootings with two dead. That was just over one weekend. As one observer remarked about the protests in NYC over the weekend: "Has anyone noticed how the same police force deemed so out of control and badly trained has thus far manged to handle the protests here with considerable restraint..." NY Post

But my point is not to defend the police. They can do that themselves. And they have a duty to dismiss any police officers who violate the law or departmental policies. The point is the perpetuation of lies by both the progressive political class, the media and punk activists continues in the face of evidence proving otherwise. They assume all police officers are racists.

Remember Bridgegate? MSNBC and other media outlets skewered Gov. Christie for weeks. Just a few days ago, a joint legislative committee found no evidence of wrong doing by Christie. You won't hear much from MSNBC.

In the Ferguson case, the media portrayed Michael Brown as a "gentle giant." That myth was debunked not only by the video showing him strong-arming a small business owner. The myth was destroyed by the evidence in the case.

They have only one agenda and that's to keep fanning the flames of myths and false accusations. Many like Sharpton benefit from more publicity and financial gain. Others simply like to behave as trouble-makers and knuckleheads.

But perhaps there is some hope especially in the black community. The family of Akai Gurley, another victim of an NYPD shooting {a rookie cop who allegedly fired blindly into the darkness of a stairwell}, told Sharpton to stay away from the funeral. They told Al: "Keep your 'circus' away from the funeral." Her sister added, "There is no piece of the pie for Mr. Sharpton here."

Wouldn't it be refreshing if more Americans gave race-baiting thugs and all around pieces of shit like Sharpton the finger? We can only hope---for real common sense change.