Monday, October 12, 2015

On "60 Minutes," Did Obama Pave Biden's Driveway Into The Democrat Campaign?

Yesterday was the Clinton's wedding anniversary. Bill, as usual, celebrated by making love all night. But he did call Hillary right afterward...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

Full disclosure. I did not watch the "60 Minutes" interview with Obama. I have a hard time listening to most of the progressive political class speaking on almost any issue. But when I feel I must, I wrap my head in tin foil so their conspicuous lies, deceptions and stupidity (e.g. Pelosi, Wasserman, etc. to name a few) don't penetrate my brain.

But I did read most of the transcript of that interview. There were many points that jumped out at me. The one that caught my attention was Obama's responses to Hillary Clinton's many scandals. For example:

  • He said he was not aware of Clinton using a private server in her home when she was Secretary of State. 
  • He also stated that her using the private server was a "mistake."
  • And while he said her use of that private server did not cause any "national security problems," she still needs to answer questions regarding the use of that private server.
Those responses and others lead me (and I'm certain many others) to believe Obama does not support her bid to be president. I would also venture to guess when he heard about her use of a private server, he was not a happy camper.  In fact, with all of the whispers-down-the-lane regarding Biden's entering the race, perhaps Obama just paved Biden's driveway to enter the campaign.

It's been an open secret inside the D.C. Beltway for a long time that the Obama doesn't particularly like the Clinton's and vice versa. The NY Post recently reported that Hillary actually confronted Obama and yelled at him to "call off your f*cking dogs, Barack." via the book entitled, Unlikeable: The Problem With Hillary. Moreover, perhaps Hillary Clinton's falling poll numbers (10 points in one week according to the Reuters/Ipsos Poll released last Friday) gave Obama the "green light" to take her out.

Of course, all of this is speculation. If Biden does not enter the race (although CNN reported he can jump into the debates any time he wants), whose left for the Democrats to support?  Only die-hard Lefties know and support Bernie Sanders. Most Americans don't even know  Martin O'Malley (former Governor of Maryland), Jim Webb (former VA Senator) and Lincoln Chafee (former RI Governor). In other words, if Hillary Clinton is not taken out, she will be the Democrat candidate for president.  Quite frankly, lies, deceptions and unethical behavior have always been a badge of honor for progressive Democrats. She's still a hero to those who espouse that warped ideology.

Jonah Goldberg summarized Hillary Clinton best when he recently wrote: "...Clinton is unencumbered by any principles that might prove inconvenient to her political ambitions." To put it another way, Goldberg just described the perfect progressive politician.