Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Obama: Is The Magic Gone?; The Big Lie; Who Is MSNBC's Chris Hayes?; Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign; ObamaCare Strikes Again; Another Socialist Country is Failing

Facebook is worth $100 billion. Today it was friended by Greece." Letterman

  • About two weeks ago, I wrote that the president's campaign strategy is very much like 3 Card Monty. The campaign views voters are "marks" so they can divert our attention away from the money card. It's a con, and it can also be likened to a magic trick. Magicians also divert our attention the same way. But I sense Obama's magic is gone. In the last two weeks, the Bain Capital hits upon Romney have backfired. The strategy was so bad, many Democrats criticized it. In addition,  Obama did poorly in the last several primaries. In one, he almost lost to a felon locked up in jail. His once grandiose speeches are now falling on deaf ears (with lackluster attendance).  More Americans see very clearly many of his policies are failures. And I believe many Americans are asking themselves this very important question: Does anyone really think Pres. Obama would do better in a second term? And more are responding with a simple answer: NO!
  • Moreover, more proof the administration's fiscal policies are taking a toll, AP is now reporting that consumer confidence has plunged---its lowest in eight months.

  • Last week, Pres. Obama proclaimed that spending under his administration is the lowest in 60 years (okay, I'll give you a moment to stop laughing your ass off). But how did the administration come to make such an overt lie? Well, they did it with "magic" again. They assigned the spending in 2009 to none other than GEORGE W. BUSH. Gee, how convenient. In fact, The Washington Post (part of the knee-pad media) couldn't even go with the administration's false claim. They gave the White House 3 Pinocchio's for the whopper.

  • As many know by now Chris Hayes of MSNBC insulted the military and veterans on Memorial Day weekend (he's since apologized---a weak apology). I decided to check out this ahole's background, and what I found should not have surprised me. For one, after that other nitwit, Keith Olberman, was fired from MSNBC, Hayes was to replace him in his time slot until MSNBC found out Hayes also made political contributions. He's an editor at The Nation one of the nation's leading progressive publications. In fact, it's their bible. Nothing wrong with being a progressive publication unless you're staff is made up of many knuckleheads as is the case with that publication. The bottom line? His remarks should not have surprised anyone. It's how progressives feel about the military. It's how they've always felt about our military heroes.
  • "Recession is Over News"---CNBC is now reporting home prices fell 2% in the first quarter. Another sign of a slow recovery. "Sign, sign, everywhere a sign..."

  • Another sign regarding ObamaCare. Last week, the government came out with a recommendation that healthy men do not need a PSA test for prostrate cancer. What that report didn't tell you the recommendation came from the US Preventative Services Task Force. This is the same agency that will determine which preventive services ObamaCare will required health plans to cover for free. Some called this agency the Death Panel. Their report is interesting considering death rates from prostate cancer have dropped significantly largely due to early screening.  So a question being asked is this: How did death rates decline from 57% (for those 49 to 64) and 80% for those over 75 if the screening doesn't work? As Robert Goldberg, VP of the Center for Medicine and Public Interest, pointed out: "In reality, the ban is based on politics, not science."
  • Venezuela is a major oil producing country. It's also headed by Hugo Chavez, a socialist. So the question asked in USA TODAY is: "Venezuela Has Oil, So Why's It Struggling?" Really, folks, does anyone have to ask that question? All socialist regimes have been and are failures. History is paved with the dead corpses of socialist countries.

  • Still no major news about Corzine. Yet, the feds are going after Facebook. I guess raising a 1/2 million bucks for Obama's campaign as Corzine has done, gives one a little immunity. When Corzine's company folded because of over a billion dollars missing---over 3000 people lost their jobs.