Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obama's Latest Diversion: Trump; Mark Levin to Sharpton: Your An Ahole; Obama Insults Poles; Private Equity Risk Their Own Money Not Ours As Obama Does Every Single Day

This week a solar-powered airplane attempted to fly more than 1,500 miles. It was going great until the plane encountered one technical problem---night. Fallon

  • The Obama campaign and the knee-pad media's latest diversion is the flap over Romney and Trump appearing together. While I've never been a big Trump fan (although I do like him taking it to the knee-pad media. In response to CNN's Wolf Blitzer this week, Trump managed to get in a shot highlighting CNN's dismal ratings. How bad are their ratings? According to TV Newser, a daily TV ratings web site, Fox News hammers CNN. Fox also puts MSNBC and the other outlets to shame. For example, The Five on Fox has almost 4 times the audience of Chris Mathews and three times the viewers of Wolf Blitzer's show. And O'Reilly and Hannity bury their competition each and every evening. At the rate CNN is losing viewers, Current TV might end up beating them in the ratings wars. The real embarrassment for CNN is that Sharpie Sharpton actually gets higher ratings. And Sharpton's ratings are in the toilet too).

  • Backtracking to the Romney and Trump diversion, did you ever see or hear the mainstream media take Obama to task for his relationship with the likes of that fake, phony and fraud, Al Sharpton? Or his relationship with Bill Ayers?  Or his 20 year relationship with the openly anti-Semitic and anti-American socialist pastor Jeremiah Wright? Yet, Trump is a problem? The hypocrisy of course is that NBC, another knee-pad network attacking both men, does not have any problem using Trump to get spike their own ratings with Celebrity Apprentice.
  • At least there's one conservative radio talk show host that's not afraid to take on Sharpton---Mark Levin. In case you missed it (and many have considering hardly anyone watches Sharpie), Levin took Sharpton on for insinuating Republicans are like Hitler. Levin said Sharpton's statement is unacceptable (and any conservative who would have said anything remotely similar to that would be fired on the spot---me). Levin also said, "What is he {Sharpton}?...Is he an activist? Rabble-rouser? Radio host? TV host? Civil-rights leader? What is he? He's an ahole. That's what he is." Hooah Mark!!!

  • You really can't make this up even if you tried. Poland is demanding an apology from Pres. Obama. In bestowing Presidential Medals of Freedom yesterday, one of the "smartest presidents" to ever live referred to  one of the Nazi concentration camps as a "Polish Death Camp." Remarkably, one of the Medals of Freedom was given posthumously to Jan Karski, a Polish underground fighter who blew the whistle to the world regarding the genocide of Polish Jews by the Nazis. For the record, between 1939 and 1945, Nazis murdered over six million Polish citizens, half were Jews (I know. I lost members of my family during that period and my parents lost many, many of their closest and dearest friends). The concentration camps were run by the Nazi regime. Poland is demanding an apology for the president's ignorant statement. This insult takes on an added dimension when one considers that Poland has always been our staunchest ally through thick and thin. Daily Caller

  • Last week I posted a fact: when states raise taxes on millionaires, millionaires find another place to live. The fact was reinforced this week with some new numbers that came out of NY state. Almost 3.5 million New Yorkers---with combined incomes of almost $120 billion---left for other states from 2000-2009. Where did they move to? To states with lower taxes like Florida for one. During that same period, over 600,000 New Yorkers moved into the Sunshine State. New York is ranked second in the nation for the highest overall tax burden. Tax Foundation.
  • Speaking of millionaires, how is it that the Hollywood fat-cats get away with not being targeted by the administration? (I know the answer, just teasing). Consider this, as Wall Street salaries and bonuses are targeted, Hollywood's salaries and bonuses put Wall Street's to shame. For example, Les Moonves, CEO of CBS, was paid almost $70 million in 2011. Disney's CEO received a mil over $30 million. It goes on and on. Hey, God bless them. If they deliver a product people like and want, more power to them. But, again, the double-standard is conspicuous.
  • One more thing. Why hammer private-equity firms? They risk THEIR OWN MONEY, not taxpayer money like our government does every day. Does Solyndra ring a bell?
  • Question: how long will we continue to appease Iran? Just askin'.

  • Yesterday I reported on even the Washington Post taking the Obama administration to task for the many lies they've said regarding their spending. Last week, Obama said his administration has not really spent as much as his critics say it has. Yet another fact checker, this time Andrew Taylor of AP, wrote: "Obama bears the chief responsibility for an 11%, $59 billion increase in nondefense spending in 2009 (the Obama administration tried to blame the Bush administration).  Then there's the 9%, $109 billion increase in combined defense and nondefense appropriated outlays in 2010, a year for which Obama is wholly responsible."