Tuesday, October 13, 2015

CNN Debate: Questions That Should Be Asked (But Probably Won't Be)

By show of hands, who is not subject of an FBI criminal investigation?...David Burge Tweet

Yesterday, I posted a piece speculating that Mr. Obama threw Hillary Clinton overboard in his "60 Minutes" interview last Sunday. In fact, when he answered those questions, one can almost see Clinton yelling at her TV screen: "WTF Barack?" as she slugged down another gin and tonic.

On a personal note, I find it insulting to the American public that Clinton,  with so much corrupt baggage, is still in the campaign let alone debating.

Donald Trump said he will be Tweeting throughout the debate. Any bets his Tweets will far out-trending those of CNN?

If I had the opportunity, I would pose the following questions to the "diverse" group of Democrat candidates at tonight's CNN debate (Note: I will hat-tip those I found rather interesting and humorous on Twitter designating each with a T and the Twitter Account):

  • Burge's Tweet above should lead the debating questions.
  • Mrs. Clinton: Why did you have a private server? Moreover, why didn't you let Mr. Obama---your boss and immediate supervisor---know you had a private server?
  • Mr. Sanders: You proclaim yourself a Socialist. Can you point to any time in history that Socialism has worked?
  • To the entire panel: Do you know you're all white? (Hey! Just sayin')
  • Gov. Chafee: What the hell are you doing here anyway?
  • To the entire panel: How many guns do you own? T-Jon Martin
  • Gov. O'Malley: Did you kiss and make-up with Debbie Wasserman Schultz yet?
  • Sen. Webb: Your military career was outstanding having been awarded the Navy Cross and Silver Star---What are you doing hanging around with these losers?
  • To the entire panel: What position will Bowie Bergdahl have in your administration? T-ArtistUnplugged
  • Mrs. Clinton: At what exact age is an unborn child finally too old to harvest it's corpse's organs for a Lamborghini? T-Razor
  • Mr. Sanders: Why a Socialist? Why not just declare yourself a Communist?
  • Mr. Clinton: Boxers, briefs or Depends? T-God's Comic Relief
  • Gov. Chafee: Never mind.
  • Gov. O'Malley: Why did you apologize for proclaiming "All Lives Matter?"
  • Mrs. Clinton: What color flip-flops do you prefer?
  • To the entire panel: Are you concerned by all the white privilege on the stage tonight? T-Jonah Goldberg
  • Mr. Sanders: What's your opinion on women fantasizing about being raped simultaneously by 3 men? (Hey! You wrote it. Don't blame me).
  • Mrs. Clinton: Do you know where Bill is at this very moment?
Perhaps Fred Zeppelin's Tweet summarizes the outcome of tonight's debate best: "There will be no winners or losers at the #CNNDebate Tuesday, but the candidates each will receive a trophy for participating."