Monday, July 14, 2014

The Media's Sins of Omission

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The media today has failed in their primary mission of reporting the truth and being a government watchdog. They really don't have much more work to do than that. Reports on the perimeter are just fluff meant to sell ads and appeal to the low information voters. 

One of the primary ways today's media skirts the truth is simply by not reporting on it. This is actually nothing new when it comes to protecting the progressive political class.  We saw this first hand when Newsweek decided to kill the Lewinsky story. It was subsequently broken on-line by Drudge.  When the IRS scandal first broke, it was Judicial Watch who released the news yet the largest alphabet networks spent a whopping zero time on that breaking news. Even regarding the border crisis, the mainstream media is largely failing to protest their lack of access to the detention centers now being used to give the illegal immigrant children shelter (by the way, has anyone in the media even asked how long these thousands of children will remain on our military bases?").

These are examples of the media's sins of omission. And there are many. Allow me to just highlight some from just the last several weeks:

  • NBC recently avoided using the term "illegal" when referring to the current border crisis.
  • At Least 53 Palestinians Killed, More Than 500 Injured In Gaza, Palestinian Officials Say...CNN headline. They did mention the rockets hitting Israel from Gaza but did not highlight that in their story.
  • 46 Killed In Israeli Airstrikes On Gaza Since Monday...CNN on July 9. That same day and the day earlier, over 200 rockets fell on Israel from Gaza.
  • Gaza Health Officials Say 15 Killed In Israeli Air Strike Near Mosque...AP on July 12. BBC News had almost the same headline that day.  On July 12, the IDF reported terrorist in Gaza fired over 689 rockets into Israel in the previous four days. That amounted to one rocket landing somewhere in Israel---the size of New Jersey---every 10 minutes.
  • 8 People Killed Overnight On Gaza...BBC on July 11. On that day, 77 rockets hit Israel (some targeting Tel Aviv). Iron Dome intercepted 19 of those rockets.
  • On July 10th, three new developments emerged regarding the IRS scandal, yet not one of the evening news casts even spent a moment on that breaking news.
  • With the exception of Fox News, it's not been the main stream media reporting on the infectious and contagious diseases many illegal immigrant children are now carrying, it's largely been news outlets like The Blaze, Breitbart and a few others.
  • Last May, it was not the main stream media who reported on the government releasing over 36,000 illegal immigrants with serious criminal backgrounds (e.g. murder, rape, etc), it was those mentioned above including Judicial Watch.
  • When it came to Obamacare, the main stream media largely remained silent regarding all the lies associated with the law. It took them over 3 years to start reporting on many of those lies when they knew about them earlier.
The malfeasance in today's media is breathtaking. The good news is that more people are starting to catch on to their conspicuous bias, protecting the progressive political class and their sins of omission.


NBC News poll showed Mr. Obama's numbers continue tanking, and they didn't even report that on their own evening news. 

And major media outlets kept perpetuating the "hands-up" myth of Ferguson. By omitting the truth, we are now experiencing a call to violence by punks and cowards.