Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: The Year Of Progressives Still Living Stupidly

Bill de Blasio Discovers First Police State He Doesn't Like: His...David Burge Tweet

At the end of every year, I usually like to review the lies of the progressive political class. I'll infuse many of those in this piece today. They've been impossible to ignore. However, 2014 has also been a year of progressives still living stupidly. Let's begin...
  • The Obama administration's foreign policy has not only been a failure---one can make a case for a total lack of foreign policy.
  • When speaking of stupidity, MSNBC has to top the list. I've referred to the network as a haven for lunatics. Their most current ratings plunge of 18% proves my point. Who wants to watch a bunch of nitwits tripping over their own bias every day?
  • Speaking of the main street media, we've witnessed them compromising journalistic principles by either steering the news from the truth or outright deceiving the public. We've seen that in their coverage of Benghazi to the Zimmerman case to Ferguson. It's been their deception that has perpetuated numerous myths, e.g. "Hands Up; Don't Shoot."
  • Jonathan Gruber, Obama's health care adviser, admitted to the numerous lies within Obamacare. He was so stupid; he boasted while being videotaped.  And just recently, he admitted the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is not really affordable.
  • The stupids at CNN spent weeks on Bridgegate. Turned out to be a non-story.
  • While Scott Walker, the Republican Governor of WI, was being hammered by progressives; he manged to beat them back every time. He did it by being true to conservative principles.
  • Yet, while Republicans won big in 2010 and 2014, the Party remains a mirage. Perhaps they're just plain stupid.
  • We've watched progressive ideology that focuses almost entirely on identity politics, bigotry, intolerance and lies. Al Sharpton comes immediately to mind.
  • From Benghazi to Ft. Hood, we watched political correctness and appeasement infect the political culture.
  • As Islamist continue to stack one Christian body on top of another, what do we hear from our media?  White noise. In fact, the progressive political class is so stupid, they actually believed hashtags would stop the kidnappings and killing of innocents.
  • The administration released five of Taliban's commanders. Note: rumors about their fighting with ISIS have not proven to be true.
  • The WH admitted it had no strategy to deal with the rise of ISIS. Prior to the 2012 elections, they said al-Qaeda was on the run. Yep---stupid.
  • Wendy Davis ran for office. Wendy who?
  • The back-stabbing, pompous ass---John F. Kerry---replaces Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. His tenure is making Clinton look like Henry Kissinger.
  • Progressives became giddy with the prospects of Cuba further opening their doors to the United States. The truth is progressives have always had this stupid romantic love affair with Cuba and it's dictatorship.
  • Didn't Obama promise to unite the country? Hey, just asking.
  • Yes, unemployment is falling but not among blacks. Obama's support among blacks remains strong. That's stupid.
  • Remember the War on Women? I do. I remember Ted Kennedy, Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner and John Edwards. OOPS! Almost forgot: Bill Clinton.
  • Golf. A lot of golf.
  • Remember the Arab Spring? This year it turned out to be a myth. Only the stupids believed in it.
  • Not only are two NYPD officers ambushed and killed, the progressive stupids continue attacking it. They continue to attack a police department of 35,000 officers who try to keep about 8 million people in line everyday---many of them stupid and dangerous. Yet, false narratives continue to be perpetuated. In the course of approximately 25-30 million interactions with the public every year, the NYPD discharged their weapons a "whopping" 81 times in 2013. Hollywood produces films each year where weapons are discharged several thousand times in one film. As the facts clearly show, the NYPD is not full of gunslingers.
  • Thomas Sowell summed things up well recently. When he asked the question: "When did facts become obsolete?" While it didn't start in 2014, you have to admit: it was a good year for stupidity and deceit.