Monday, December 29, 2014

America Is Turning Its Back To The Progressive Political Class

Pres. Obama said he's living proof that America is racist because no white candidate with the same lack of experience would have been elected...WH Press Secretary 

The NYPD has been criticized by some for turning their backs to Mayor de Blasio at funeral for slain NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos. I happen to agree with what they did but perhaps for not all the same reasons. I contend  what the NYPD did is simply a reflection of what is happening throughout the nation.  America is growing tired of:

  • The media and progressives spewing false narratives.
  • The likes of Al Sharpton and punk protesters fanning the flames by using anti-police rants and placing the lives of police officers in danger. In the last week alone, nine suspects have been arrested for threatening NYPD police officers. As Paul Schaberger wrote in the NY Post several days ago: "The NYPD has been made a target for all the murderous crazies within the sound of the words of the vermin who will say anything to advance themselves, trampling dignity, decency and the truth every time they open their mouths."
  • Thugs like Al Sharpton having more access to the White House and Gracie Mansion than most honest, patriotic Americans.
  • Irresponsible leadership from many politicians residing in the highest offices of government.
  • The lies and deceit coming from both the media and the progressive political class. We witnessed this first hand with Gruber testifying of the lies embedded throughout Obamacare---lies meant to sell the law to the American people
  • Incendiary rhetoric that gives the green light to mob bullies. This was in evidence in both Ferguson and NYC.
  • A Washington establishment awash in scandals, corruption and incompetence. In other words, it should have surprised no one why Democrats lost so many seats in the last two elections (2010 and 2014).
  • Political correctness trumping common sense.
  • Continued pumping of billions of dollars into failed public school systems just to appease the public school unions.
  • Giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants jumping ahead of the line and in front of millions who are currently following the legal pathway to citizenship.
These are but a sampling of the many reasons Americans are fed up especially with the progressive political class (that includes Democrats, Republicans and their fawning media). But irresponsible actions and incendiary rhetoric have consequences. I believe we're starting to see that play out as many more Americans are finally awaking from their six year coma. Perhaps there is hope but not the kind of hope initially envisioned by progressives. That hope left town the day Pres. Obama took his presidential oath of office.  

Postscript: Since this was posted, more Hillary Clinton scandals have emerged. This is leading to her poll numbers starting to tank.